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That time I taught my daughter to swear…

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So something semi-funny happened recently. I accidentally taught my daughter to swear. Her first swear word, b*stard, was a pretty strong choice… I’m surprised it has taken until 17 months for her to hear, and repeat, a swear word. I’m a swearer. I can’t help it.

I’ve just always been someone who expresses her happiness, anger or sadness with a good swear word. Obviously I don’t want my own daughter to swear, at least not at such a young age. However what’s done is done and there is no point dwelling now.

Today I want to share with you how I taught my daughter to swear and some funny stories from other bloggers too.

That time I taught my daughter to swear...

How I accidentally taught my daughter to swear

My husband and I were packing a bag for Daisy to head over to my Mum’s house for the evening. We were excited, and having a little bit of banter and then I referred to my husband as a b*stard. Because we are! 

Anyway, Daisy turned to my husband and repeated the word. A few times. We found it hilarious as what else can you do by this point?! Might as well have a laugh and promptly try to stop saying it again!

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I asked lots of other lovely bloggers ‘What was your child’s first swear word?’ to make me feel better about having taught my daughter to swear! Here are their answers:

My son was about 2 at the time and looked out the window at his nanas and said Nana my dada would say today is a sh*t day!! It was lashing rain!! The Mamma Fairy

Have not had one yet from Biggest. “Oh my god” and “poop” is closest we have come yet! But then autism means his speech is quite idiosyncratic and he will not say anything on one hearing.

Littlest said “I am not being a pain in the arse!” back at me while on holiday though. Someone’s Mum

My 19 month old goes around saying bugger all the time. I have had some strange looks! Rachel Bustin

My sons first swear was ‘f*ck’ he over heard me say it while I dropped something and then began to say it, he was about 3 I think but he hasn’t said it since we told him it was for grown ups.

My daughters first word was the C word, she came home from preschool saying it and had clearly picked it up from another child at school, I couldn’t believe it!

You honestly really need to watch your tongue in front of children sometimes!

I used to say ‘B*llocks’ quite a lot so much so it was one of Jake’s first words oops! Adventures In Websterland

HannahSpannah - Swearing photo

We were camping and playing a letters game, a bit like scrabble. I was helping him and was trying to encourage him to spell the word ‘ship’. We got the sh and I continued that “it’s a big boat that sailed on the sea…a shi….” he then proudly spelt out and said ‘sh*t’. My mum, sister and I laughed our heads off. My sister asked him what it was and he replied “I don’t know but sometimes Mummy says it” Hannah Spannah

I’m embarrassed to say but mine little girls was “fuck*ng hell” she was around two and a half. I had said it once in front of her and my partner told me off. My daughter then proceeded to tell me “daddy you’re not allowed to say fuck*ng hell” I think I’ve got it on video somewhere. Property Parent

My 3 year old says boobies if that counts. At one point he picked up two footballs held them to his chest one fell and he said cute as a button “uh oh I dropped my boobie!” Mummy’s Diary

Me and my daughter outside on holiday with a text overlay that says ways I'm finding me time as a parent

Michael one day was playing a game and we kept hearing what sounded a lot like ‘oh f*ck’. I didn’t want to say anything until I new for sure, as he was saying it so fast and mumbled I couldn’t tell. Then he shouted it properly! I said ‘Michael, where did you learn that word?!’ And he said ‘daddy says it to other cars when we’re in the car.’ Donna Dundas

Willow can say sh*t, f*ck, b*tch and c*nt. I think b*tch was her first swear word! She turned round, looked at us with a frown and said ‘Whatta’b*TCH’, I was in hysterics especially as she’d only just started talking! Tattooed Tealady

Isabelle’s was ‘b*llock’ it’s a word I use quite often and she said it when she was about 2. It came out ‘bobbock’ so it wasn’t too bad really… sounded pretty cute to be honest! Porridge and Parenting

We were in the car when someone overtook us, husband slammed on the brakes and I shouted sh*t. Eldest pipes up in the background ‘sh*t’ followed by hysterical laughing. She’s picked up a few in the car from me unfortunately! Confessions of a New Mummy

Dexter’s first swear word was ‘f*ck sake’. I was so shocked but at the same time thought it was kinda funny. Whoops! Messy Blog

Me looking at the camera outside and text overlay that says my first year as a parent

We were sat on the sofa recently and my 4yr old son said ” look at all this f***ing mess!”….he said he was doing an impression of daddy!! I didn’t have the heart to tell him off as he was so upset when he realised it was a naughty word!! Entertaining Elliot

My daughter’s was ‘f*ck sake’….. I guess I didn’t mumble it to myself as quietly as I thought. A Slummy Mummy

Emma’s first swear word was copying me say “f*ck’s sake” in the car. Thankfully it came out as “pop’s sake” but she repeats this all the time whilst sighing! Bridie By The Sea

Somehow my eldest has managed to avoid swearing in front of me until this week when she’s say “bloody” twice. Not bad going considering she’s nearly 6 and I accidentally swear a lot. Counting To Ten

As you can see it is REALLY common for people to teach their children to swear accidentally. I don’t feel quite so bad about it now! Although it WAS hilarious! I’m not the only one who taught my daughter to swear… as you can see!

Have you ever accidentally taught a child to swear?

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That time I taught my daughter to swear... Parenting fail! Talking about how I taught my daughter a swear word and what other bloggers and parents have done

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Saturday 28th of October 2017

You're so welcome - thanks for the photo!


Sunday 22nd of October 2017

Oh gosh! They are like little sponges aren't they!!

Victoria | Lylia Rose

Wednesday 11th of October 2017

Oops! Mine has benn 'for Fs sake' more times than I can count. My husband has now told my daughter to tell me off if I say it and for her to never say it as mummy is naughty saying it!

Victoria | Lylia Rose

Wednesday 11th of October 2017


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