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Tea with the Tigers at Paradise Wildlife Park with Red Letter Days (AD)

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AD. There are some fantastic opportunities afforded to me as a blogger. The main one for me is getting to work from home. Then there are  the invitations to fantastic events. When Red Letter Days got in touch, to invite me along to enjoy Tea with the Tigers at Paradise Wildlife Park I couldn’t say no! Last month we headed off to Paradise Wildlife Park and enjoyed their Tea with the Tigers package.

Tea with the tigers - Fortunately not the only tiger present

This is the tiger that I had tea with. Joking of course. 

Tea with the tigers - A close up look at one of the tigers

What is Tea with the Tigers at Paradise Wildlife Park?

What is sounds like basically. You can visit Paradise Wildlife Park and you get to enjoy an afternoon tea. Your visit starts off with a guided tour, where you are taught about the tigers. You can ask questions and walk along the park’s Cat Walk, which overlooks the enclosures. You’ll be able to take lots of lovely photographs, providing the animals aren’t hiding of course.

Tea with the tigers - A tiger relaxing

Once your guided tour has finished you visit the Treetops Cafe where you get to sit near the Tigers and enjoy an afternoon tea. You can discuss all things Tiger related with a member of the Paradise Wildlife Park Team while you enjoy your afternoon tea.

Tea with the tigers - A look at the afternoon tea

There was a nice mixture of sandwiches to choose from. Once I picked out the salad as I’m fussy. 

Tea with the tigers - Cakes at the afternoon tea

Lots of yummy goodies to choose from!

Tea with the tigers - Some of the cakes at the afternoon tea

Who doesn’t love a mini eclair?

Tea with the tigers - Yummy chocolate cake

Personally I had my eye on this delicious chocolate cake – and my slice was lovely!

Tea with the tigers - Cake at the afternoon tea

This piece of cake was so rich and filling!

What did I think of Tea with the Tigers at Paradise Wildlife Park?

Personally I loved it! I really enjoyed having a guided tour, and being able to learn more about the Tigers. As well as learning about Tigers we got some really useful knowledge about the park too. For example, years ago it used to be one of the worst zoos in the whole of the UK. A lot has changed since then and animal welfare has become a huge priority. Paradise Wildlife Park is actually now run by their own charity, Zoological Society of Hertfordshire. This means that they can support local & global animal conservation projects and means that the park is really run to benefit the animals. Rather than for profit. 

The afternoon tea was delicious, and there was lots of choice too. They could cater for dietary requirements too with advance notice. Once the tour and tea had finished I was free to explore the park. This was fantastic and a nice bonus included within the ticket from Red Letter Days.

Daisy almost had her fingers bitten by one of these. Whoops. Great parenting as always.

Tea with the tigers - A lone penguin

This lone Penguin came out to have his photo taken by all the bloggers present.

Tea with the tigers - A close up look at a zebra

I loved being able to get so close to so many of the animals. You could even feed some of them. Although not the zebras – they like to bite apparently! 

Tea with the tigers - A robin

This little Robin made an appearance in front of me a few times so I figured why not get him in a shot?!

Tea with the tigers - Daisy having a walk at Paradise Wildlife Park

Meeting up with Daisy and Tom after my afternoon tea was lovely and they had great fun. Anyone wanting to meet you after your Red Letter Day would need to buy their own ticket for entry to Paradise Wildlife Park. This is reasonable enough I think.

Tea with the tigers - A look at the meerkats

I love to see Meerkats! They are so inquisitive and interesting.

Tea with the tigers - Meerkats

Overall I had a fantastic day at Paradise Wildlife Park. We’ve been before and enjoyed it then too. I love that the animals look cared for and the staff are genuinely caring too. They are passionate about the park, looking after it and making people feel welcome. No question was too ridiculous and there were lots of people on hand to offer advice as we went around the park after our event was over.

Being so close to the Tigers was lovely and Tea with the Tigers at Paradise Wildlife Park would make a great gift for a loved one. I love afternoon tea, who doesn’t though?! I also love places where there are just adults. Peaceful places. Like the Treetops Cafe. It was lovely.

Thanks to Red Letter Days and Paradise Wildlife Park for inviting me along to their taster day to see how great it was. I had a wonderful time and it was lovely to explore the park again.

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An afternoon tea and a tiger eating a piece of meat with text overlay that says Paradise Wildlife Park Tea with the Tigers

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Thursday 6th of July 2017

This looks like a wonderful day out for the whole family, great pictures!


Thursday 6th of July 2017

We had great fun - it really was lovely. Thanks for your comment.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.