Hosting a Teletubbies Playdate with the Tubby Playdates pack(AD)

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AD. We are HUGE fans of the Teletubbies here. Daisy owns at least 15 Teletubbies toys, and absolutely loves them. We are really excited to hear a new series is starting on the 4th of June, on CBeebies. We love having playdates, and any excuse to eat good food, play with toys together and for me not to have to work. Today I want to talk to you about the Tubby Playdate pack we’ve recently been sent and show you just how fun it is!

Tubby Playdate Pack

What is the Tubby Playdate pack?

The Tubby Playdate pack is jam-packed full of tips from a parenting expert, crafts, painting, decorations you can colour in, fun activities and tasty recipes.

Tubby Playdate checklist

The Tubby Playdate pack has 17 pages of fun activities, crafts and recipes. For example, you can make Tubby Custard or Tubby Toast, but in a manner where your little ones will actually want to eat them! There are invitations that you can cut out and give to your friends and cut out tubby antennas which look like great fun.

Where can you get the Tubby Playdate pack?

You can visit the Teletubbies website now to get one for yourself!

How to have the perfect Playdate

Tubby Playdate Tips

Allow parents to accompany their little ones when you invite them for a playdate.

Make your guests feel welcome. Allow them to choose music to play or what toys to play with.

Have lots of songs in your repertoire. Nursery rhymes are a big huge with toddlers. My daughter loves heads, shoulder, knees & toes or the Incy Wincy Spider.

Don’t make the playdate too long as little ones don’t have the longest attention span.

Ask parents in advance about any allergies. My own daughter has a LOT of allergies so I’ll always make sure that the food is safe for everyone at her playdates, to ensure she doesn’t have to miss out – and neither does anyone else.

Our Tubby Playdate

Daisy had a wonderful time at her Teletubbies Playdate and the Tubby Playdates. It was really fun to set up and we had a great time cutting out all of the pieces together ready for our playdate to begin. The Tubby Playdates pack was really handy as it contained everything you need in one little pack – besides the food.

Tubby Playdate - Daisy colouring

Daisy colouring bunting from the Tubby Playdate

Daisy colouring her Tubby Playdate pack

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