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The joys of the charity shop

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I’m a real fan of saving money wherever possible. I always think that a pound saved is the same as a pound earned. When we want items for our home, and toys in particular, I am always checking out our local charity shops.

Daisy has had some absolutely fantastic toys and this is one of the joys of the charity shop! Now that Daisy is 17 months old she is more interested in toys than ever.

The joys of the charity shop

This particular toy that Daisy is holding is one of my favourite ever joys of the charity shop! Our favourite local charity shop, an Age UK one, has a couple of bins they fill with children’s toys.

There are usually a whole variety of soft toys and items that are a little young for Daisy. However, from time to time there is a real gem hidden among these soft toys.

On one recent visit we found a My Talking LapPup:

*Leapfrog LapPup

This usually retails for £9.99 – £14.99. We paid just £2.49. AND it had batteries in it already. Result! 

Me looking at the camera outside and text overlay that says my first year as a parent

In recent times these have been some of my favourite joys of the charity shop:

Halloween costume, complete with wings – £2

Christmas PJs – £1

Brand new shoes in the box – £2

Xylophone – £1

Teletubby – 50p

Talking Makka Pakka – £1 (One of his eyes had faded a little but Daisy didn’t mind!)

Daisy and me at the park smiling at the camera with text overlay that says that time I taught my daughter to swear

Being able to visit the charity shop is a great excuse to get us out. We don’t make trips to town just for this, but it is a nice addition to an errands day.

Often I will pop in with a few items that I’ve de-cluttered and then pick up a new toy. Also, Daisy has a whole collection of toys at my Mum’s house, many of which have been collected from the charity shop.

There are often great bargains to be had in the charity shop, and Age UK is one of the better priced ones in our area. The most expensive one is BHF, where some items are almost as much second hand as they would have been new. However, I do still pop in from time to time and look for the odd gem.

I love being able to pick up a few bargains, and some lovely toys for Daisy, while supporting charity too. What are your joys of the charity shop? I’d love to hear them! 

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The joys of the charity shop - Save money, grab a bargain and do something for a local cause too
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.