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The perfect gifts from (AD)

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There is something about having your own family that just makes you want to have, and take, more photographs. For me I want to make sure that my daughters know that not only did we have lovely times together, but I WAS THERE!

A canvas print of a dog on a wall, there is a table with tea cup and mug, a blanket and a plant.

In our home we’ve got lots of lovely sentimental items. We started off with things like Canvas prints, and then we moved onto trying to look for other ways to display photos around our home, without just having walls filled with prints and pictures.

We have previously ordered our canvas prints from a variety of companies, including, and love having a little row of canvas prints leading up our stairs. My favourites are the ones that show off our daughters on their days of birth, and our first moments together too.

A series of three canvas prints on a wall with a blanket, plant and side table.

My girls, especially my eldest (6-years-old) absolutely loves to see all the different canvases around our home, and she has a personalised pillow that she loves too. It has a photograph of her, back when she was 2 years old and in nursery, on it, and she loves to cuddle it at night.

I just feel like there is something really homely about having some of your favourite memories around you. I personally never get tired of looking at memories that feature my little family unit. We’re so grateful that we get to go on lots of holidays and nice days out together, and I love to be reminded of these – particularly when I’m sitting at my desk working hard to give my family a nice life.

Photo gifts are such a lovely way to let someone know that you’re thinking of them too – particularly if you’ve got a great distance between you. I love to send photo based gifts to my Mum, who lives around 200 miles away, especially as we don’t get to see each other quite as much as we would like.

For me I also feel that a photo book is a lovely gift. Particularly if you have lots of photographs with the person you’re gifting the photo book to. There is something really special about receiving a whole book of lovely images to flick through regularly and enjoy with your family too. We received one when we got married and it was such a lovely gift that we look back on from time to time with great joy.

One gift I’m going to be gifting to a loved one very soon is a personalised blanket. I will be using one of my own images, that I know they’re very much a fan of, and I’ll be having a large blanket made. Perfect for keeping warm during Winter, but also a great way to let someone be reminded about your existence and feel surrounded by love.

A woman on a cream sofa with a husky dog, laying under a photo blanket.

If you’re looking to buy your loved one a personalised canvas print, photo gift or even a phonebook why not use my exclusive discount code – KATYKICKER10 will give you a 10% discount on all products on the website.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.