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Taking The Social Journey with Mrs Wordsmith (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted the featured items in exchange for coverage. My daughter is my pride and joy, and as such I want to help her learn, grow into a nice person and be the best version of herself. At 2.5 Daisy can count past 20, knows her alphabet and now we are going to start learning more words, and boosting her vocabulary. I believe that if children have the right tools they can be anyone that they want to be. Today I want to share with you The Social Journey, from Mrs Wordsmith. We have been gifted this product to feature in this review.

The Social Journey by Mrs Wordsmith

What is The Social Journey?

The Social Journey is a monthly subscription box that helps you teach your child more words for their vocabulary. Inside your first box, you will receive a picture book, an activity book, a stand for the activity book and a pack of word cards. We have received 20-word cards that cover being hungry, eating, making, funny and sharing. This is a great area for us to cover, as at 2.5-year-olds Daisy doesn’t enjoy sharing. She does find lots of things funny and so I think this is going to be a great area for us to explore. Also, within our box, we received a gift to allow a friend to receive £10 off their first box.

Mrs Wordsmith The Social Journey

The activity book encourages your child to enjoy three different activities, to work through the 20 words monthly. First up you say the word, repeatedly, to help your little one learn how to pronounce the word. Then you can trace the word with your finger. This can help your little one to recognise the word. Next up your little one can get out their pencil to trace the word and the individual letters too.

The activity book from The Social Journey

How much is The Social Journey?

A monthly subscription costs £21.95, or you can buy an annual subscription, billed at £233.40, which is the equivalent to £19.45 a month. There is free shipping to Europe and this can be switched to the US too.

What’s my verdict on The Social Journey?

Daisy is 2.5 (next month) and so she is at the beginning of the 2 – 5 age bracket for this particular subscription box. However, despite her age, I think it has lots of value for Daisy already. Being able to teach her new words, play a game with the word cards and explain to her what the word means has already helped her vocabulary in the past two weeks. Previously Daisy would spend her day asking for specific items of food, but now she knows how to say hungry.

A look at the contents of The Social Journey Mrs Wordsmith

I think having 20 words to cover, per month, is a great amount. We can learn one word a day, Monday-Friday, and take the weekend off, much like Daisy would at school. Also, if we go away for a few days we’ve still got time to catch up before the next box arrives. Plus, if Daisy is particularly receptive then we can practice multiple words in one day.

Cards from The Social Journey

Personally, I’m often short on ways that I can teach my daughter new things. I want her to benefit from me being home daily, and us having lots of time together, but I don’t always know how to do that. Sometimes we play toys, other times we complete crafts, but being able to partake in a learning activity is great. So far Daisy seems to find it quite fun. As long as I catch her when she’s not tired, hungry or moody, then we can spend 10-15 minutes together talking about words and learning. I know when I was small I absolutely loved learning new words, reading and spelling, and I hope Daisy will be the same.

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