Review: The View from The Shard and 3 Course Meal with Prosecco at Jamie’s Italian (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted this experience in exchange for coverage. Well 2017 is already drawing to a close. I can hardly believe it! At the start of the year I wrote a 2017 bucket list for us to complete. On this list was a number of fun activities. We’ve been fortunate to complete quite a few of them so far and now we have one more crossed off the list – seeing the View from the Shard!

View from the Shard - Jamies Italian

We decided to make the most of a child free day and head up to London. We started off by heading to Jamie’s Italian for a 3 Course Meal with Prosecco.

View from the Shard - Jamie's Italian

When we arrived we were invited to choose our starter, main and dessert in one go. We were also provided with Prosecco, although I changed mine for a Diet Coke no problem. It was a little strange to pick our entire 3 courses in one go, but at least it saved time and deliberation I suppose!

View from the Shard - Jamies Italian - Crispy Mushrooms

Thomas had a crispy mushroom starter and his was delicious. However, on the plate there were a few random chips. No idea why?! 

View from the Shard - Jamies Italian - Crispy nachos

My starter was the ‘nachos’. I didn’t pay attention to the menu and it turns out that their version of nachos is made with pasta and filled with mozzarella. I found this a little strange and I wouldn’t eat it again if I’m honest. This starter was meant to be crispy, but it wasn’t.

View from the Shard - Bolognese at Jamies Italian

I had bolognese and to be honest it was average. I make my own pasta and mine beats this, hands down. Also, it just wasn’t very hot. I didn’t finish it, as it was nothing special. I wouldn’t eat it again to be honest.

View from the Shard - Jamies Italian - Fish of the Day

Thomas had the fish of the day, which was cod. This was served on a bed of olives. A bit of a strange choice. There was no side salad and any extras, such as bread, were chargeable, which felt a little bit ridiculous. However, it was a three course meal so we weren’t starving by the end anyway.

My food could have done with being a hotter. I think my bolognese was left on the pass for a few minutes, as it turned out that the Caesar salad that Thomas ordered was no longer part of the menu. Apparently they were unable to put together a Caesar salad but at least Thomas was offered a choice of other salads off the main menu.

Jamies Italian - Chocolate brownie

I had the chocolate brownie, with salted caramel ice cream and popcorn. This also had a chocolate sauce over it. It was nice but a little rich, as a brownie probably should be. I was unable to finish it but it was really enjoyable.

Jamies Italian - Lemon Sorbet

Thomas had the lemon sorbet, which he was also unable to finish as it was just too sharp. I know, I know – lemon sorbet!

Overall I would say that we wouldn’t be in a rush to go back to Jamie’s Italian. It was busy, loud and while the service was fine it was just fine. The 3 course menu was disappointing. For example, olives and fish. A burger, with no sides.

I had two pasta dishes and they were both on the average side, if I’m being generous. None of the food arrived piping hot, besides the cod, which was a disappointment. The prosecco was really tasty though as I sampled a little myself.

Once we had finished our meal we went off to The Shard. We had printed our voucher in advance and all we had to do was exchange this for two tickets, join the queue and go on up in the lift.

The lifts were miles better than I thought they would be. You go up 34 floors in one lift, and then another 33 (or 34?) floors in a second lift. It was all seamless, SUPER fast and while I felt a little queasy for a few seconds this soon stopped. Also, on the way down my ears popped, but that wasn’t unexpected with the sheer distance travelled in such a short time.

Wow! The view is AMAZING! 

View from the Shard

Honestly this was amazing! The views were incredible, even though the weather wasn’t the nicest. I love that there are activities, such as virtual reality rides, upstairs and there was an amazing breeze as a little part of the building is uncovered.

View from the Shard - Hidden Gardens

Being able to look over London was absolutely stunning. We could see all of our favourite buildings and it was lovely to be able to people watch. For example I saw these really amazing hidden gardens on the top of some of the London buildings. Gardens you would never get to see at any other time. It was really lovely to people watch, look at areas that we like to visit and watch the boats going along the Thames.

View from the Shard - Gardens

I was a little worried about going up in the lift but I needn’t have been. It was over quickly and it was all clean, nice and you were kept informed along the way. The lifts were not overcrowded, even if people were waiting, and this made me feel really confident and relaxed. I’m scared of heights but I did not feel intimated, or scared, at all in The Shard. The View from The Shard is absolutely breathtaking and well worth a visit. I do feel the price is expensive, however you just can’t get that view from anywhere else in London. That I know of anyway!

View from the Shard - Walkie Talkie

This is an activity in London that I would definitely do again. The View from the Shard was beautiful. It was lovely to see our favourite sights, sit down and relax, have a nice beer/wine together and just relax looking over the London skyline. I can only imagine it is even more beautiful at night!

View from the Shard - The Thames

The package that we went on (The View from The Shard and 3 Course Meal with Prosecco at Jamie’s Italian) sold for £128 at full price, but it is no longer available. Instead, I’d recommend looking at The View from The Shard with 3 course dining and bubble for two. I feel that it was good value for money and worth every penny. When I priced up the individual Shard tickets on the day, and the food and drink that we consumed, we would have saved money buying this package. Personally what I love about package deals is you know what you’re getting and you’ve already paid. This makes it great for budgeting. Especially when a travel card is almost £25! 

If we had purchased our food & drink and our View from The Shard tickets on the day we would have spent around £120. Although, as a gift I would have been very pleased to receive this package. Often we don’t treat ourselves enough and being given a gift for dinner and an experience would please me a lot more than a load of beauty products I might not use.

We had an absolutely wonderful time together and it was a great experience. The view from the Shard is incredible and it was a wonderful afternoon together. Being able to see the London landscape, in all its glory, was so enjoyable. The experience didn’t feel crowded at all, which was one of my concerns, and our wait time was really minimal.

I must also add that we had previously booked our meal at Jamie’s Italian for another day, but Daisy ended up in hospital. Because of this we had to cancel things, right at the last minute. Buy A Gift offered fantastic customer service, and I just had to forward them the cancellation email from Book A Table, along with our voucher reference number, and they got the voucher re-issued for us so that we didn’t have to miss out on our meal. I felt that this was fantastic customer service and this alone will make me come back again in the future as a customer.

If you’re looking for a gift this Christmas, or for a special occasion, they have 1000s of packages available. Also, they offer a 60-day refund policy AND free exchanges. So if you buy somebody a gift, and they’ve already visited that attraction or can’t stand that restaurant then they can exchange it. Simple! As you can get e-vouchers to your inbox you can even buy same day gifts if you’re in a bind.

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