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Hello to those of you who are visiting me quite regularly now!

I have recently wrote a new guide on using Clixsense and shared it with the nice people over at TheMoneyShed

I have made around $3,500 from Clixsense now and 90% of these earnings I have made myself, with determination and effort.

Money, money, money thanks to TheMoneyShed!

TheMoneyShed is a forum full of people like myself, who want to make money online, and there are a wide variety of different opportunities being shared there on a regular basis.

So far I have been a member for just 3 days and I’ve already found several new mobile applications that I had never heard of and some new websites, for surveys and mystery shopping, that I didn’t know about either. There are tons of other websites just waiting for me to join up and I’m positive that I can increase my earnings even further using TMS.

You can view my new and improved Clixsense guide here.

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  1. Wayne Tew January 19, 2016 / 8:38 pm

    Nice review Katy, i didnt go on clixsense for a while, but have started again. Earnings are probably slow, but every bit all helps!

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