TheStreetLottery – A free daily prize draw

Today I am going to talk to you about TheStreetLottery – a free daily prize draw. Sign up is free and best of all you could win cash every single day!

What is required to join TheStreetLottery?

Registration is free, and very straight forward. You will need to provide your email, create a username and password and then provide your street name and your house name/number. This is prompt and the registration email, confirming signup, arrived within a minute or so. There was a link to click, to confirm validity of the email provided, and then you are registered. It was all very straight forward and simple.

How does TheStreetLottery work?

Like many of the other free daily prize draws I have wrote about before they are basically sharing their advertising revenue with you. At the beginning a website may be giving away more money than they are making, but with the aim to eventually be in the profit.

What can I win with TheStreetLottery?

Each day you visit you have a chance of winning $10. This is the current daily prize fund, and rolls over if it is not won on any given day. This is great as it means that the pot keeps growing. For each day that you visit, and are not a winner, you will receive an extra draw entry for the following day’s draw. This means that the more you visit, without winning, the more chances you have to be a winner. The prize fund will rise, as more members join the website. This means that the more people you refer the more potential you have to make some more. 

Referring others to TheStreetLottery

If you refer anyone and they go on to win then you can claim, the same day, a bonus of 20%. Referring is easy, just signup and then you can find your referral link in the ‘Referrals’ section. You can see the number of referrals that you have in this section too. If you want to join you can use my referral link. That way if you win I win! Hooray! So far more than 10% of my referrals have won – amazing!

Bonus monthly draw on TheStreetLottery

Any unclaimed bonuses (including those where a member does not have a referrer) are entered into a bonus monthly draw. Any member who checks the website each day of a calendar month is entered into the following draw. The draw winner is announced on the 1st and you must claim if you are the winner that day.

Receiving winnings from TheStreetLottery

Winners can receive their payment via Paypal, Payza or Skrill. You can choose your method upon signup. Ensure that your email address you register with is the one associated with your payment account. This is where your payment will be sent.

My thoughts on TheStreetLottery

I feel really positive about this website. As it is new there is a TON of opportunity for people to gain new referrals. This will help the website grow and in turn it will help the prize fund grow eventually too. The bonus monthly prize draw is a great reward for those of us who remember to visit these websites daily.

This website has been create by Nick, a member over on TheMoneyShed. This is a great place to find new opportunities and also to get inspiration for your next great business venture it would seem!

Other great free daily prize draw websites include NumberPlateLotto, Ashleigh’s Moneysaver Prize Draw, FreePostCodeLottery, LuckyPhone and The Selfie Lottery. These websites give you a great opportunity to win a prize each day and take just seconds to check too.

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You could win cash thanks to your street name with TheStreetLottery. Best of all it is completely free to join

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