How to Give your Home a Thrifty Makeover (AD)

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AD. Re-decorating is probably something that we would all love to do. Looking at old and tired furniture and fittings day in day out can get a little tedious, but the one question we all find ourselves asking; where on earth do we get the money? We can fantasise about gorgeous bathroom lighting and a standalone bath, a round the corner sofa that’s drowning in cushions or one of those induction hobs fitted into the kitchen worktops all we like, but as we are reminded far too many times, money doesn’t grow on trees.  However, despite the lack of money plants, there are still plenty of ways to re-vamp your living space, without breaking the bank.

How to Give your Home a Thrifty Makeover

Add a Pop of Colour

Now, I know what you’re thinking – painting is a big job. Covering or moving anything in the room that might get stained, buying the paint and the tools, finding the time to actually don your best overalls and begin to paint…the list is endless. However, as daunting as it might seem, adding a little lick of paint can really transform a space. I’m not talking a full on paint job of every single room in the house, even just adding a pop of bright colour to one wall in a room can make it look and feel totally different. Just be careful what colour you go for – if you have a small space, darker colours may make it feel even smaller.

Re-assess what you Already Have

Most of the time, we have some hidden gems already kicking about the house that just need a little imagination and creativity to totally re-invent them. However, because we are constantly seeing them, it can be hard to imagine them as anything else. Have a good look at what you already have in your home, even simply moving something somewhere else or rearranging your furniture can be refreshing. There is also the option of re-working something old. Those old, dated dining room chairs? Why not paint them white for a cool, shabby chic effect? That holey, old, leather sofa? Throw a brightly coloured blanket and a few patterned cushions over the top – your sofa has been transformed from boring to statement – in one quick swoop!

Get Creative 

Upcycling is all the rage these days and it’s time you jumped on the bandwagon. You know that jam jar that’s almost empty? Don’t even think about binning it. Save a few of these and you have a new, bang-on-trend glass collection. Those beer bottles you keep meaning to put in the recycling bin? Steam off the labels, add a few flowers (hand – picked or shop bought) and you have a perfect table centrepiece – TIP: fake flowers may feel like you’re cheating but you can buy some gorgeous inexpensive ones that last forever. The creativity doesn’t have to remain inside, and there are plenty of inventive ideas for garden furniture out of old bits and bobs – an old tree stump could make a fabulous stool or table and an old wheelbarrow could be the perfect planter for some gorgeous summery shrubs. The list is endless of things you can upcycle and turn into handy storage or decorative solutions, and it really is just a matter of getting a little creative – think before you bin!

Dress those Windows

Blinds and curtains can do a great deal to a room, aside from their main purpose of blocking out light and switching them up now and again can make a refreshing difference – shabby/dirty curtains and blinds can really make a room appear dull and dark. Luckily, window dressing doesn’t have to be an expensive task. Textile shops have gorgeous delicate materials that can be draped as curtains and you’ll be surprised how cheap a simple window blind is. Why not combine a colour block blind with some patterned curtains or vice versa? If you really like the curtains you already have but admit they are a little tatty and dated, taking them to the dry cleaners for a good scrub will usually have them looking like new again – and smelling amazing!

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