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Tips for buying on Vinted

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I’ve been a member of Vinted for around 4 years now – and bagged myself a number of amazing bargains in that time.

I’ve made over 50 sales and shared my top tips for selling on Vinted.

I’m something of a casual seller, mostly because I list items and then if they don’t sell fast I declutter them to the charity shop instead!

I have two daughters, who seem to be growing by the day, and I’m always in need of clothes in the next size. I love to browse Vinted for pre-loved and BNWT clothing in the next size especially for festive occasions, Birthdays and special events.

Scroll down near the end of this post if you’d like to see a condensed version of my Vinted buying tips!

A look at my Vinted listings

Getting started buying on Vinted – how does buying on Vinted work

Sign up and create a profile!

Sign up to *buy on Vinted.

Create a profile. Add an ‘about you’ if you might also be selling, or want people to know that you’re a genuine buyer.

Then you’re ready to get started with searching for bargains!

A look at listings on a Vinted profile

Buying on Vinted works much the same as eBay, or any other platform, however the costs you pay are a little different, which is why a lot of items are priced cheaper than eBay and similar marketplace type sites.

When you see an item you like you purchase it, the seller packages it, prints the label with your address on and sends it to your house. That’s all much the same as using eBay! The delivery is often trackable as soon as the label is printed, and you can see where the item is through the message thread it creates when you purchase an item on Vinted.

What is the cost of buying on Vinted?

When you purchase an item on Vinted you will pay the cost of the item, the postage costs and then a buyer protection fee. This fee costs 3-8% of the item price, before postage, plus £0.30 – £0.80.

I purchased a £1.00 coat. The postage was £2.99. The buyer protection fee was £0.38. In total I paid £4.37. A similar coat new in the shops is around £14, the lowest priced one I could find, and the one I bought on Vinted was in perfect condition.

A new coat will only fit my daughter for around half a year, if that, so I’ve saved £10 on something I would definitely need.

A Vinted buyer protection fee, postage and item cost breakdown

Utilise the search feature & filters when buying on Vinted

When I want to buy an item on Vinted I always start with the search feature. I will show you some examples:

The filtering options on Vinted

I was looking to purchase a red velvet dress for my youngest daughter to wear for Christmas. I typed red velvet dress in the search bar and then looked at the results that loaded. The results were not great…!

Then I utilised the filters on site to check a specific size and then filter by colour. Then I chose from the relevant clothing category.

The filters narrow down results significantly and I’ve found some fantastic branded items this way for just a few pounds.

Some of the filters on the Vinted website

I always sort by price, when I’m looking for something specific. Prices can be listed as low as £1, and there are usually at least a few £1 items.

You may find sellers have listed items where they have a text note on the first image explaining that the item is free if you purchase it as part of a bundle or discounted if you purchase within a bundle so look out for those.

A look at the low to high price filter on Vinted

Pay attention to your feed

Vinted learns the type of products that you buy and search for. You’ll start to see these displayed in a feed on the homepage.

Popular items appear, from brands you’ve bought or browsed before. You will also be able to see bumped and newly listed items so you can grab a bargain quick.

When I was looking for a specific toy for my daughter, that was very rare, it came up on Vinted and I’d never have seen it if it wasn’t for the feed on the homepage.

1 x £20 note, 3 x £10 notes and text overlay that says great offers to make and save money in the UK

Favourite items

While looking at specific items there is a heart you can click to favourite listings. The seller receives a notification that you have done so, they can then opt to send you a lower offer. This can be a great way to get a bargain as you’ll be notified if the seller drops the price.

Look through seller’s profiles before buying on Vinted

You can see all of the items they are selling and check out their feedback. This is great to help you avoid buying items from people that don’t post or no longer use the site.

Feedback on a profile on the Vinted website

Make offers

If you have seen a single item that you want to purchase then once you’ve clicked into the listing you’ll see a button that says ‘Ask seller’.

The Vinted make an offer screen

Click this and then you’ll see an option near the top to ‘Make an offer’ or ‘Buy now’. you can usually make 5 offers per day and there will be a cap on the percentage amount lower than the listed price you can offer. I believe it is 40%.

The make an offer option on Vinted

Shop for bundles

Quite often sellers are listing multiple items on one day, or have 10s of listings to choose from.

If you like an item visit the sellers profile and you can look through their ‘Shop’ and build bundles.

Often discounts are automatically enabled for 5% – 50% depending on the amount of items you purchase.

The seller will then put the bundle together and let you know the postage costs. You can still ask for a discount after that if you’d like to.

This is a great way to save some money as not only do you get the discount for creating a bundle but you’ll pay less on the postage and buyer protection fees too.

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Not all sellers have the discount option on, however you can still create a bundle and then offer a lower price once they have confirmed the postage to you. You could also just message them and ask if they’d be willing to offer you a discounted price as not everyone knows about the discount feature.

How does postage work on Vinted – selecting different postage options

Some sellers offer local collection (rare this will be near you though) and some will offer a variety of options. Check profiles to ensure all listed options are actually suitable for the seller.

You can choose from a variety of delivery options including home delivery, local lockers and delivery to shops near your home or other convenient location.

A notebook and pens with text overlay that says how to prepare a budget

Free postage can be offered, sometimes for new buyers and sometimes because someone is a new seller with zero sales. I’ve picked up some great £1-2 items this way just by browsing new listings.

I often opt for postage to my local shop, and order a few listings on the same day, then make just one or two trips to collect once the email comes in to tell me that my items have been delivered.

Costs can be as little as half the price of home delivery too.

Check listings

I always visit the seller’s profile and some of their listings before I purchase. That way I can check for any items that are listed incorrectly.

Recently I bought size 8 (kids) boots and when they came they were adult size 8. Not a problem, as I wear size 8 myself and just kept them, but it was a bit of a disappointment.

If an item has been listed for months don’t be put off, just drop a message and check they’re still active / have the item available. Often they’ll take a discount just to get rid of an item too.

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Is Vinted safe to buy from?

Personally I feel it is. I’ve had one scam item (an expensive item that was something else when I opened the parcel) and Vinted gave me a full refund. It helped that the item was listed as ‘posted through the letterbox’ but would have been too big to actually go through a letterbox.

You get 48 hours to confirm an item once it’s received, and whether you’ve got any issues with it or not.

Items unsent are automatically refunded by Vinted too after 5 days.

Tips for selling on Vinted

No returns

Usually you can’t return items. If something doesn’t fit it’s yours now! Get it listed on Vinted to try and make some of your money back…!

It’s rare I have issues with sizing but when I do I just donate or give away to a friend so it doesn’t go to waste.

Accepted payment methods

You can pay on Vinted in a variety of ways including Paypal, debit and credit card, prepaid card, Apple Pay or using your Vinted balance for any sales that you may have made.

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eBay or Vinted?

Personally I’m loving Vinted these days and do almost all of my buying and selling there.

I find the bundle options very simple to use and it works great (mostly). It’s simple to browse for items to buy too.

£50 in £20 and £10 notes with a text section that says 'top tips for saving money on heating

Final thoughts:

It’s simple to buy on Vinted. Items often have multiple images with lots of in-depth information. The site is fast to load and I’ve picked up some amazing and beautiful bargains for my daughters.

I look for out of season items, and store them in a bag in my loft, for things like Children In Need Day, Christmas etc.

Toys and clothes are often in great condition, especially for smaller children. Sellers have been great when I have had issues, which has been rare.

Postage can be a little on the slow side, with some people leaving it until the very last part of the last day to finally post it. But as I’m buying items for such a cheap price I try to be understanding that people may just be busy with life, or love a procrastinate.

My Vinted buying tips condensed down if you didn’t want to read an essay:

  • Utilise the search feature and filters
  • Pay attention to your feed
  • Favourite items
  • Look through seller’s profiles before buying
  • Make offers for items (including bundles)
  • Shop for bundles
  • Select different postage options to save money
  • Read listings thoroughly
  • Don’t rely on returns
  • Check payment methods
  • Don’t forget to check eBay instead

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Tips for buying on Vinted text overlay

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