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Top 10 Christmas Movies (AD)

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For me Christmas is a time for relaxing. I love nothing more, after a hard day’s work, than sitting under my slanket with my family. If we are watching a nice Christmas movie that is even better!

We love to get our Christmas decorations up and also, this year, as we’re not going out to visit family, we’d love to create a winter outdoor cinema in our garden!

Today I am sharing with you my Top 10 Christmas movies.

A reindeer Christmas tree ornament that says Merry Christmas

Here are my top 10 Christmas movies:

Love Actually

This is such a feel good Christmas film. I love so many scenes but in particular the Hugh Grant dancing scene. Iconic right?!

Home Alone

‘KEVINNNN!’ We all know this scene! Kevin’s Mum has just realised that they have ‘forgotten’ him. I love the kick arse vibe of this film where Kevin wants to protect his house.

The Holiday

I love the different characters within this film so much. Who wouldn’t want to escape everything and stay in a beautiful house in another country?!

Planes, trains & automobiles

A classic for me! You just can’t beat the feeling of trying to get home to your loved ones for the Christmas period. Not something we’ll be doing this year sadly!

About a boy

I love Hugh Grant in this film. It feels really different to other Hugh Grant films but has enough about it to keep me watching it year after year.

The nightmare before Christmas

I love Tim Burton films. I have a really vivid memory of watching this in the cinema, just a few years ago, with one of my nieces.

My daughter Daisy absolutely loves this film too!

The muppet Christmas carol

My husband introduced me to this film in recent years. I really enjoyed it and look forward to us watching it together again this year.

Edward Scissorhands

Watching Edward carve ice sculptures always makes me feel Christmassy!

Bad Santa

A classic for me and something a little bit different!


‘Santa! I know him!’ and ‘Smilings my favourite’ are two of my favourite lines from this film.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my Top 10 Christmas movies. They are in no particular order but they are all films that I really enjoy.

Christmas is a great time for sitting around and relaxing. I love to enjoy a nice Baileys or a hot chocolate. I feel that I deserve a little down time by the time Christmas rolls around.

This year I will even be having two weeks where I barely work. I am planning on watching a couple of films each day. Sitting in front of a good film, wrapping presents, and spending time with my daughters, gets me excited for Christmas.

For me this is part of the excitement of the festive period. I love the feeling of getting all festive and enjoying fun films. Christmas films always bring back good memories for me.

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Monday 20th of November 2017

Edward Scissorhands for sure, but I've never got on with the nightmare before Christmas and never seen Elf (I know, that has GOT to change this year!) You've reminded me to put our Christmas movie schedule on the ever growing Christmas to-do list, should I thank you or not??!x


Monday 20th of November 2017

Haha you're welcome! x

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