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Top survey websites

Affiliate links in this post will be clearly marked with a * and if you click one of these links I will earn a discount or receive payment.

Today I am going to talk to you about my top survey websites. Survey websites are not my biggest source of income these days but they are a nice chunk when added up throughout the year.

I will give you a brief overview of the cashout for each of my top survey websites. I will also share with you some of my personal experience so I hope you find this useful.

Prolific Academic

Lots of very intelligent surveys on here. Regularly paying in excess of £5 an hour. I’ve made over £200 in just a few short months. Customer service is really helpful here but watch out for test questions within the surveys. Prolific Academic is fast ranking high on my list of top survey websites.

Minimum Cashout: £5 with Paypal fees, £20 with no Paypal fees. Payments usually take just 1 day, or less, to arrive.


I get a large amount of surveys from this company. I regularly cashout £60-£90 a month and have had a number of focus groups and other opportunities from this company. Surveys range from 10-75 points on average. A 10 point survey takes just a minute or two, a 75 point one may take around 20 minutes. 181 points = £5 when converted to Paypal.

Minimum Cashout: £30 (1087 points) with Paypal, Amazon and lots more available. Used to pay fast but has slowed down significantly lately to close to the 10 working days quoted.


Lots of interesting surveys from YouGov. I’ve had focus groups and online diaries from here also. I seem to earn quite high on here compared to others. I usually pick up at least £20 a month. Surveys are normally around 50p-£1 each and take around 5-10 minutes.

Minimum Cashout: £50 bank transfer. Takes up to 28 days but has been around 21 days for my last few cashouts.


Get paid £5 to test websites. Run a screen recorder and speak your thoughts out loud. On average these surveys take from 8-15 minutes. They have a mobile panel where you can earn £5 for completing studies on your iPad, iPhone etc. There are NO variable rates here. £5 for web tests, £5 for mobile device tests.

Minimum Cashout: Any earnings via Paypal. Earnings from any given month are paid by the 25th of the following month. If the 25th falls on the weekend or a bank holiday payments are made early. Very handy at Christmas time!

Valued Opinions

Lots of product trials from here for me. I have also had frequent online and offline diaries to complete in the last few years. Surveys range from 25p upwards and while the rates are low they are generally quick.

Minimum Cashout: £10.00 in vouchers. Lots available including Amazon and Sainsburys. 50p fee for cashing out.


Very similar surveys. Surveys are usually worth at least £1 and take just a few minutes typically. The first half of a survey is often just answering your demographics.  Nice layout and most surveys follow the same layout. Easy to remember where to click for your demographics.

Minimum Cashout: £50 cheque. Any month you hit the £50 threshold you’ll receive a cheque the following month. Cheques are usually issued by the 3rd and arrive by the 10th.


This is actually a get paid to website. However, they have TONS of opportunities. I pick up surveys that I haven’t found anywhere else. Recently I’ve had three beauty product trials. Each of these has paid around £15. Not the highest money but nice to get free beauty products and get paid for a short review!

Minimum Cashout: £5 Amazon/Paypal/lots of others. Personally I save up for £100 Paypal at a time. I tend to hit cashout every 6 weeks or so at the moment. You can read my tips on making quick swagbucks here. Payouts for Paypal tend to take 1 working day at the moment.


Lots of small paying surveys here. I find that the surveys under ‘Surveys’ tend to be better paying on iPoll, Swagbucks or other companies. However the surveys under ‘Surveys 2’ are usually quick and straightforward.

More importantly I find that if I visit around 8am there are lots of great opportunities. Last week I had a $50 webcam survey. These pop up quite regularly. You receive $3 for waiting even if a slot doesn’t open up within 5-10 minutes. Payments for these are usually instant after completing the survey. These are under the ‘Surveys’ tab and usually worth at least 1500 coins just for completing the survey.

Minimum Cashout: $5. Paypal, Amazon and more available. 1000 coins = $10. I cashout around $20-$30 a week at the moment from here, but that is low for me. Payouts tend to arrive on a Sunday, regardless of when you cashout.


This is another get paid to website. You can find lots of opportunities here. There are frequently 30 or more surveys for me to attempt here. Disqualifications tend to be instant which saves wasting time. Surveys range from $0.50-$5 on average. Most credit instantly, unless otherwise marked.

Peanut Labs surveys pay high here compared to other websites.

Minimum Cashout: $6 for premium members. $8 for others. I’ve made over $4,500 on Clixsense and you can read my guide here.

Top survey websites

I hope that my top survey websites have been of use to you. There are lots of great companies out there. My advice would be that all of these companies can offer low paying surveys. You can pick and choose your work. Most survey companies listed above email you (except for Clixsense, Gifthulk and Swagbucks).

Don’t forget that I’ve got a huge list of ways to make and save money too! Some of them are more lucrative than paid surveys too.

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Find out more about my top survey websites. You can get paid for giving your opinion on brands, advertising and much more

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