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Top survey websites

Affiliate links in this post will be clearly marked with a *. Clicking one of these links means I earn a discount or receive payment.

I am going to talk to you about my top survey websites. These are some of the best survey sites in the UK, in my opinion.

Survey websites are not my biggest source of income these days but they are a nice chunk of money when added up throughout the year. £1,000s in fact.

I’m going to talk you through most of the survey websites that I use, and give my own opinion on just how good they are!

Every single website that I list here is one I personally use (right now!), have been paid from and most importantly they are all completely free to join.

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Prolific.cojoin now

Lots of very intelligent surveys on offer from this survey website. Surveys pay in excess of £5 an hour.

I’ve made over £2,000 in the last couple of years alone.

Customer service is really helpful here but watch out for test questions within the surveys. is fast ranking high on my list of top survey websites.

Minimum cashout: £5. Payments are made twice a week. Once you’ve made several payouts you’ll move onto the instant cashout.

A notebook and pens with text overlay that says how to prepare a budget — *join now

This has to be one of the best sites, BUT hardest to get work from, just because the payments are THAT GOOD!

You can complete online, and face-to-face market research opportunities, similar to those offered from People For Research. You’re able to fill in 3 screeners per 24 hours, and screeners are what help you apply for these opportunities.

Minimum cashout: You’re paid after each completed surveys. These are typically $15 – $300. Sometimes even higher! There IS a small fee for receiving your payment, just to be upfront.

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Measure MSR App — *join now

This is a UK paid survey app, suitable for iOs and Android users.

The surveys are a bit of a mixed bag, with some not even worth your time to open them, but the addition of a star rating system helps you know the likelihood of being disqualified or not.

The app is very simple to use and there are frequent surveys throughout the day too.

Minimum cashout: £10. Lots of different payment options including Amazon, Deliveroo, New Look and a variety of other gift cards too, some with a minimum redemption of £10.

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Opinium Researchjoin now

The surveys on Opinium Research are straightforward and take just minutes, but also have low payment as a result of that. I find that they are similar, in length, to ones from YouGov, NewVistalive or Y Live. 

Survey values range from 25p upwards and I find that I can answer the average survey in just 2-3 minutes. They are emailed out, which is convenient, and I often complete these from my mobile phone.

Minimum cashout: £25. Various options including bank transfer and Amazon!

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Now this is a REALLY hard panel to join! However, once you’re in, you’re in! I have been a member of Pinecone Research for around a decade now, and have been fortunate enough to test a LOT of products for them in that time.

Surveys are simple, and usually based around providing your opinion on just one item. You may then receive the item to test in the post, and another study afterwards to follow up with.

I love that Pinecone Research send out an email when there are new studies live. This means I never miss a study and it is incredibly rare that a study is full if I answer the email request within 1-2 days.

Minimum cashout: £3. Older members may earn £3-£4 per study but for new members it is fixed at £1 per study.

A hand holding an iPhone displaying the Plum finance app with pockets of money; £0 Primary Pocket, £12.56 House Appliances, £109.91 House Purchase Fees

InstaGC*join now

This is a ‘get paid to’ website which means they have a lot more than paid surveys to offer.

These websites pay members to complete a variety of different tasks. These usually range from things like watching videos, clicking on adverts and links, answering paid surveys, filling in survey profiles for upcoming projects, joining websites and providing sign up information for competitions. A real mixed bag!

Minimum cashout: £1! Just £1! Best of all the vouchers are instant. Once you earn your points you can redeem them for instant gift cards, which is fab. I use this website to boost my Amazon account balance if I’m placing an order, as all those £1s really do add up!

Attapoll — *join now

This is a UK paid survey app, suitable for iOs and Android users.

The surveys are a bit of a mixed bag, with some not even worth your time to open them, but the addition of a star rating system helps you know the likelihood of being disqualified or not.

The app is very simple to use and there are frequent surveys throughout the day too.

Minimum cashout: £3. Lots of different payment options including Amazon, Revolut, Paypal and a variety of other gift cards too, some with a minimum redemption of £10 or £15.

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YourSayPaysjoin now

This is a website that you’ll want to visit daily, on weekdays, if you’re already online. Surveys range from 5p – 50p typically, and sometimes these surveys lead to telephone surveys too, which range from £1-£5.

The surveys are short, and snappy, and take just a minute or two on average, sometimes even less. I find these great for completing when in the car, or even while having a relax in front of the TV in the evenings.

Minimum cashout: £20. Via Paypal.

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Onepulsejoin now by downloading from the app store

Onepulse is a mobile app, which has both paid and unpaid surveys on it. The amount of money you earn is based on your own level, which you can level up by completing the unpaid surveys for XP. Not all pulses are paid so look out for the $ sign if you want to focus on the paid ones.

Personally I don’t complete a lot of free surveys, just 2-3 most days when I’ve got a minute spare. Each of the surveys are just 3 questions long, even the paid ones.

I earn 34 cents per survey, but I think it was 5 cents per survey when I started out. The levels DO progress fast, especially at the beginning. You can also set this to give you a notification when the new surveys are live. You’ll need to be fast to get the paid ones as sometimes they fill up the second I’ve opened them!

You’ll not get rich fast on this one but you can see from the global leaderboard that some people are making $20-30 per 30 days, which isn’t a bad little bit of change for surveys that take just a few seconds each! I just cashout maybe 2-3 times a year, nothing special, but it still adds up to a little treat meal for us every year!

Minimum cashout: $20. Via Paypal.

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Yougov — *Join Now

Lots of interesting surveys are on offer from YouGov. I’ve had focus groups and online diaries from here also. Surveys are normally around 50p-£1 each and take around 5-10 minutes.

I’ve found YouGov to be quite quiet in the past year, however, that is because there hasn’t been as many political policies and campaigns around. I expect this to be picking up now with local elections soon!

Minimum Cashout: £50 via bank transfer.

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Valued Opinions*join now

Lots of product trials from Valued Opinions for me. I have also had frequent online and offline diaries to complete in the last few years. Surveys range from 25p upwards and while the rates are low they are generally quick to complete too.

Minimum cashout: £10.00 in vouchers. Lots available including Amazon and Sainsburys. There is typically a 50p fee for cashing out which is a little annoying!

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Y LiveJoin now

Surveys are worth at least £1 and take just a few minutes typically. The rate of pay is quoted as £1 per 5 minutes, which I find to be a generous estimate of the time surveys take.

The first half of a survey is often just answering your survey demographics.  Nice layout and most surveys follow the same layout. It is easy to remember where to click for your demographics too so I can often speed through the first half! They DO use test questions so look out for those.

Minimum cashout: £50. By bank transfer. Any month you hit the £50 threshold you’ll receive a payment the following month. You’ll receive a little survey to fill in to make sure your details are up to date.

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Swagbucks — *Join now

This is actually another get paid to website. However, they have TONS of opportunities. I pick up surveys that I haven’t found anywhere else most days.

Recently I’ve had three beauty product trials. Each of these has paid around £15. Not the highest money but nice to get free beauty products and get paid for a short review!

Minimum cashout: £3 Amazon/Paypal/lots of others. Personally I save up for £100 Paypal at a time. Some payouts are instant, depending on your account level. Others take up to 10 working days but I’ve never had any payout issues here.

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Ysense — *Join now

This is another get paid to website. You can find lots of opportunities here. There are frequently 30 or more surveys for me to attempt here.

Disqualifications tend to be pretty much instant which saves wasting time. Surveys range from $0.50-$5 on average. Most credit instantly, unless otherwise marked.

Peanut Labs surveys pay high here compared to other websites from what I’ve found.

Minimum cashout: $10. You cashout for vouchers, such as Amazon, in dollars, but then receive a £ amount for Pay attention when redeeming to ensure it is a voucher you can use in the UK!

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Branded Surveys — *join now

Paid surveys, the same as just about any other company really! They provide you with points for filling in profile surveys and completing easy surveys.

In addition to completing surveys you can earn 5 points for visiting the website each day. There is a daily poll that requires you to answer just one question.

There are also offers you can complete on this website, but I don’t have much experience with these. Most of the offers I have spotted are available elsewhere on other websites too, so check the amounts first!

Minimum cashout: $10. Via Paypal.

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OnepollJoin now

Onepoll allows you to complete numerous small, quick and simple surveys for remunerations usually ranging from 5p to 30p.

There are bigger surveys available and I’ve also had a fair few product trials via this company, usually with at least £5 awarded for completing the post trial surveys.

Minimum cashout: £25. Via Paypal or BACs.

Pureprofile —* Join now

This is definitely a slow burner website and one that I just visit for a few minutes once or twice a week. Surveys can range from 30p – £5 really and if you are disqualified from a survey you will usually receive at least 5-10p for the few seconds it takes to get disqualified.

Minimum cashout: £20. Bank transfer or gift vouchers. Redemptions are limited to £70 every 60 days and will be paid within 30 business days.

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TalkinsightsJoin now

Surveys here are not the highest paying, however they are fast, and they send emails when surveys are live. This means you can sign up, and just leave it until you receive an email to visit if you like a visual reminder.

Surveys pay 10p – £2.50 on average, and they are VERY varied. The emails tell you the number of questions and the approximately length of the survey too which is great.

The surveys are often issued to you based on some questions that you’ve answered at the end of previous surveys, this means that it is very very rare to be disqualified. I can’t actually remember the last time I was disqualified!

Minimum cashout: £20. Vouchers available too like Asda, Sainsburys, Tesco etc.

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MingleJoin now

Mingle surveys are simple to complete as they send an email when a new survey is waiting. They are a survey company that offers points when you are screened out too which is great.

Surveys range from 1-2 question surveys worth 10 points and longer ones worth anywhere up to 500 points, well, this is the highest I’ve seen more than once. With a conversion rate of 100 points = £0.80 I cash out fairly regularly.

Minimum cashout: £12. Amazon, Marks & Spencers and bank transfer.

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Qmee — *Join now

Qmee is a paid search browser add on that will reward you when you use the internet to search, in a natural manner.

As well as receiving some pennies for paid searches Qmee also offer paid surveys on their website too.

Qmee have cashback opportunities and offers for you to complete too, though be sure to check with the likes of *TopCashBack and *Quidco before completing these offers/cashback opportunities in case you can earn more elsewhere.

Minimum cashout: Any amount! Even 1p. Paypal, gift cards or charity payout.

An old TV on a red office chair with text overlay that says do you need a TV licence?

i-Say*Join now

I don’t rate this site very high now, just to be honest, but if you’re high on time, and want another website to join, then maybe give it a go!

Surveys pay from a few pence up to around £1.50 of points. Points making prizes of course. I personally used to love this survey company but then I found the rewards for completing surveys getting lower and lower, so I’ve not been bothering much lately!

Minimum cashout: £10. Gift vouchers.

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Top survey websites

I hope that my top survey websites have been of use to you. There are lots of great companies out there. I’ll be adding a few more to this post a little later this year too as I’ve tested them out!

My advice would be that all of these companies can offer low paying surveys. You can pick and choose your work. A lot of the survey companies listed above will email you when new studies are live so keep a daily eye on your emails.

Don’t forget that I’ve got a huge list of ways to make and save money too!

Tips for completing surveys

What are survey demographics?

How to avoid survey disqualifications

What are profile surveys? What are they used for?

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Find out more about my top survey websites. You can get paid for giving your opinion on brands, advertising and much more

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