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My top tips for getting sales on eBay (AD)

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AD. Recently I’ve been de-cluttering. As parents to a 16 month old it is fair to say that we have a LOT of items lying around that we just don’t need anymore. Baby clothes, toys and even a few unwanted items from my maternity leave. Being able to make a little money, while having a clear out, is always something that helps me to get motivated. Today I want to share with you my tips for getting sales on eBay.

tips for getting sales on eBay

Tips for getting sales on eBay

Be realistic

Got a bag of old baby clothes? Don’t expect £100s! Even if you bought items for an expensive price when new it doesn’t mean their resale value is high.

Do your research

Look on eBay for previous listings. Remember to check out the sold listings rather than just completed ones. This way you can get an accurate representation of what price items sold for. Use this to help you work out a buy it now prices, if you aren’t using auctions.

Look out for a bargain to flip for a profit

Never underestimate the power of the auction item! While eBay is an auction site you can always list items on ‘Buy It Now’ and wait for the price of your choice. Look at local auction houses. BPI offer local and online auctions and you’d be surprised at what they sell!

List some items in batches

If you are selling baby clothes, for example, then pick out outfits first. Then look at what you have left. I like to sell sleepsuits or vests in a batch. I usually list at least 4-6 items and I take close up photographs of each item.

Be descriptive

Talk about the brands you are selling, the sizes and show off any pretty detailing on baby clothes. If you have items that are damaged ensure that you mention this. You don’t want to be having to deal with returns afterward!

Take nice photos

Try to take good photos. Lots of natural light, lots of close up shots etc. You can have 12 images on eBay before you have to pay extra. Take advantage of them! 

Offer a courier service

Some buyers may not want to wait days for Royal Mail to deliver. Instead consider using a courier service, like TNT. You can offer a courier service for an additional fee. Not all buyers will take you up on this offer but if someone wants an item fast, or wants to pay for additional insurance, this is a great way to do so. Remember that you pay fees on the final sale price which includes postage & packaging. 

Access your account frequently

Be sure to log in at least once a day. Better yet turn on email or app notifications. This means if a potential buyer asks a question you can answer them promptly. It is normal to get questions at the beginning and near the end of listings. Always ensure that you are around on the day that your auctions are ending.

Use buy it now or best offer

If you have a higher value item, or aren’t in a hurry to sell, use the buy it now or best offer feature. When I’ve listed items before it isn’t unusual for people to just pay the full price. Also, you can set up the listing to automatically accept and reject offers below or above a certain amount. This cuts down on the time wasting and means you’ll only see offers for a decent amount. For me this is one of my best tips for getting sales on eBay.

Do something fun with the money you make

For me personally I find that being able to save the money for our next holiday keeps me motivated. I’m looking forward to going away with my family and knowing that I made some spending money by having a clear out! There are always new items coming in to home now I blog successfully, and have Daisy, but *with eBay I don’t have to worry about my home being overrun by items.

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(AD) My top tips for getting sales on eBay. Make money, de-clutter and get rid of unwanted items with eBay selling

Keeping children happy on holiday - Daisy holding a new toy
Keeping children happy on holiday (AD)
Keeping children happy on holiday - Daisy holding a new toy
Daisy you are 2!

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Tuesday 15th of August 2017

I've never sold anything on eBay but if I do I'll keep all this in mind


Tuesday 15th of August 2017

Why not just start with listing a couple of items each week? I find ending the listings on weekends is pretty successful for me.


Tuesday 15th of August 2017

Ahh thank you! Only a small amount so far but it all adds up doesn't it!

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