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It has already been around 5-6 months since I posted my last TopCashBack update, with payment proof. I decided to have a little look at my account and see how things have gone in the last few months.

First things first in my TopCashBack update here is my latest payment proof:

TopCashBack Update

As you can see I currently have £80.83 outstanding, some of which is already payable. The bulk of this is from renewing car insurance and this earned me £55.00.

My £55.00 was quoted as taking 26 weeks to become payable. It has moved to confirmed, the step before payable, after 20 weeks. This should allow ample time for it to move to payable well within the 26 weeks.

My total of £1,303.47 is from the last few years of using TopCashBack and it is amazing how much all the little pounds add up over the years.

When renewing car insurance I was able to secure a new policy that was around £300 cheaper than the previous quotes I had received while maintaining the current level of cover. I was able to transfer over no claims bonus and also ensure that the cover protection was still high. The excess was also reduced which was fantastic too.

The other £25.00 that I have due to move to payable is just cashback on a Virgin Experience Day, takeaways from Just-Eat and a few other small things. One such thing was an O2 free sim that paid me £1.25 to receive it, and has been useful for signing up to spam offers on various websites too.

As always with cashback it is important not to assume that you will receive cashback. What I mean is if something is cheaper not going through a cashback website that do that, unless the difference is incredibly minimal. Cashback can fail to track sometimes, due to cookie problems, and sometimes TopCashBack updates can mean that rates change.

I’ve made around £200 since my last TopCashBack update and all of this cashback has been on items that I would have purchased anyway. I am not the best at remembering to use the website but I hope that by posting a regular update it will prompt me to check in more!

If you are not yet a member of TopCashBack then please consider using my link by clicking here. This earns me up to £15, at no cost to yourself, while you are earning cashback.

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