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Turn receipts into cash for your monthly bills with ZIPZERO (AD)

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AD. I’m a big fan of online money making, as my regular readers will know. I love to make money online from a variety of different methods and feel that having a diverse number of websites and apps to use is the key to making and saving money online. I want to talk to you about something a little different from the norm! You can spend money, in-store in your usual fashion, and then by snapping photographs of your receipts, and sharing them on the ZIPZERO app, you can earn cash to be used towards your monthly bills. Amazing!

Turn receipts into cash for your monthly bills with ZIPZERO

How does ZIPZERO work?

Download the ZIPZERO app, for free, and you’re on the way to zipping your monthly bills down to zero! You take a photograph of all receipts, for any purchase and from any shop, and ZIPZERO will reward you with at least 1% of the value as a reward in your ZIPZERO wallet.

What makes ZIPZERO different to cashback websites?

The main difference with ZIPZERO is that you don’t have to click through from a website to another website, and you don’t have to remember BEFORE you make the transaction. Instead, you can just set a little reminder on your phone and photograph your receipts and receive your reward in your ZIPZERO wallet. You can make unexpected purchases, or pop to the shops last minute, and still photograph your receipt and be rewarded.

What bills can you use ZIPZERO rewards against?

You can pay utility bills with your rewards including electricity, gas, water, broadband, phone bills and council tax. Once you have selected the bill you wish to use your rewards again ZIPZERO will directly transfer the funds towards this for you, with payments arriving within three working days.

Is there a cap with ZIPZERO?

£50 per month at present. You’ll need to use funds within 3 months of them becoming available in your ZIPZERO wallet. Simple enough really. 

Can I use ZIPZERO for utility bills where I pay by direct debit?

Yes you can! Lots of providers will give you a discount for using direct debit, and you can still use ZIPZERO to pay for these utility bills! Make your full or part payment via ZIPZERO and then any remaining account balance will be taken by direct debit in the usual fashion by your bill provider.

What type of phone do I need to use ZIPZERO?

As long as your phone supports iOS 10.0 (or above) or Android 5.0 (or above) you can download the app for free and get started.

How long do I get to scan receipts?

Scan them as close to purchase as possible and always within 7 days of purchase. You’ll need an itemised receipt and cannot use a card confirmation slip or bank statement instead. There are no limits to the number of receipts you can scan, and you’d need to scan £5,000 worth of receipts in one month to hit the monthly cap.

How do you pay a bill with ZIPZERO?

Making a full or partial payment to a bill is really simple. You can add the payment details of your chosen bill, including any customer reference number that you may have. Be sure to be accurate here to make sure the payment arrives in the right account. Then you can use your ZIPZERO wallet funds to send over a payment towards your utility bills.

My thoughts on ZIPZERO:

You’re not going to get rich quick using ZIPZERO but it is free to download, free to use and you can earn rewards for UK based purchases you were already going to make. It only takes a minute to scan your receipts and their system stops you accidentally scanning the same receipt more than once. It’s all very straightforward to use and as several members of one household can open accounts you can increase the number of rewards you receive if you’re a household with a higher spend level. You don’t need to spend any more money to use this app and can earn a little bit of cashback off your monthly bills for jus a few minutes of effort per week.

I love that you can make some money back on those day to day life purchases. Petrol is one of our big expenses, outside of rent & utility bills, and running around everywhere means I can make a little bit of money back now towards bills! Also, next time I’m overspending on nice clothes for Daisy I can relieve a little of the guilt safe in the knowledge that I’ll earn some money back with ZIPZERO.

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