Ultimate family games night with University Games & Staccups (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted the games featured in this blog post in exchange for coverage. We are a huge fan of playing games in our home. We love nothing more than getting together with friends, or spending an evening alone, playing games and having fun. In the past we would play a lot of online games, Xbox One for example, but times have really changed now. I recently tried a new game, called Staccups, with my friends at a blogging conference – and loved it. This definitely reignited my love for board games and playing games with my husband at night too instead of working all the time!

Board Games for family night

We’ve been fortunate enough to be sent a selection of fun games we’ve never played before, and we were so eager we actually played a couple of rounds of them all the first day! Staccups I bought back from the Blog On Conference thanks to my lovely friend Lyndsey, the other two games were posted out to me.

5 Second Rule

5 Second Rule - A look at the box for the game

This is a great fun game where you have a 5 second timer, that you flip over. It makes an odd noise – maybe to distract you? Anyway, you have 5 seconds to name 3 items. For example it could be 3 countries in Europe.

What did we think of 5 second rule?

5 Second Game - Contents of game

Honestly we found this really fun! I beat my husband each time we played, but only just. It later turned out that I was getting hard questions and he was getting the easier ones (the cards you read from are double sided and one side is harder than the other).

This was a great fun game and best of all it was super quick. You could even avoid using the board to make your score with a counter if you wanted to just have fun and save time. Or avoid being competitive. 

*You can buy this game on Amazon


Staccups - A look at the box

In Staccups you have to race against your opponent. You have little cups, that are one colour, and they have different coloured tops. You have to match the tops of the cups to the next cup you place, all while racing against your opponent. There are two columns and you can use both columns to place cups, as long as you are faster than your opponent.

What did we think of Staccups?

A look at Staccups and the playing cups

My husband claimed that I beat him on this because I am ‘too smart’. I think personally it is just because I’ve got good coordination and was able to zoom through my colours quickly. Anyway, we both had fun and I love that we could choose to try and sabotage one another or just focus on completing the column nearest to our own Staccups.

*You can buy this game on Amazon.

Your Worst Nightmare Card Game

Your Worst Nightmare - A look at the box

This is a game where you have a wipe clean scoreboard, and a fancy pen with an eraser. Then you have three decks of cards. These are a wide range of fears and nightmare scenarios. Things such as long toenails, people, plane crashes and many more. You then deal four cards and you have to rank them 1-4, in order of least to most fearful scenario/nightmare for you. Then your opponent has to do the same, while guessing how you ranked them.

What did we think of Your Worst Nightmare?

Your Worst Nightmare - Game contents

This was the best of the three games, although we have loved them all. My husband and I were really surprising one another with the things that we feared the most. For example my husband thought I’d be most worried about being in pain, but actually I was most worried about an overflowing email inbox… Probably because I’ve got an auto-immune disease and a chronic pain illness so I’m used to all that now! 

You’ll be able to buy this on Amazon and in Waterstones from November – just in time for Christmas!

We have had a great time together playing lots of new and fantastic board games. I first saw these games at Blog On, a blogging conference, back in September, and was really excited when I got a nice delivery. Having a family games night is great fun and I found all of the games interesting. Your Worst Nightmare was great fun, and it was harder to predict what scared someone the most, and Staccups was great fun to race against time.

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(AD) Family games night with University Games. Staccups, 5 Second Rule and Your Worst Nightmare all went down a storm on family games night

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