7 great uses for your food processor (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted this food processor in exchange for coverage. I love spending time in my kitchen trying out new recipes, batch cooking and trying to save my family money. For me cooking is relaxing, and a great way to look after our family budget. We like to spend no more than £300 a month on grocery shopping and on occasion we have even lived on £100 for a month – as we like a challenge! I’ve recently been sent a new food processor and I want to share with you 7 great uses for your food processor.

A look at the Morphy Richards Prepstar

Homemade Pizza dough

We love to enjoy a nice homemade pizza here. Sometimes I will use a homemade tortilla wrap or pitta bread to allow me to make one in a hurry, however, you can’t beat real pizza dough, can you?! I often make pizza dough in my breadmaker. When I’m in a hurry I use the same recipe and whizz it together in my food processor. This takes just 1-2 minutes. Making it a real time saver. It is much cheaper than buying pizza dough or ready-made pizza bases.

Batch making baby food

Daisy is 2 now but because she has lots of allergies, and FPIES, we regularly use baby food pouches. I love to cook my own baby food in the slow cooker and once everything is cooked (usually fruit, vegetables and beef stock) I can whizz it together to make a smooth consistency. This is ideal for putting into *reusable baby food pouches and means we can save money and always have a meal ready.

Meal planning with mince

Preparing vegetables

I love to batch cook and meal plan. Sometimes I will spend 30-45 minutes in the kitchen and prepare 3-5 days dinners, in bags which usually go in the freezer. Then at night, before bed, I am able to get out the bag of food we want and pop it into the fridge. By using our slow cooker we have lots of simple dinners ready and waiting for us. This is one of my favourite uses for your food processor as it just makes life so straightforward. I can throw in whole onions, de-seeded peppers, carrots, and much more. The items are chopped, grated or processed finely in just seconds. It is so handy and when I started doing this again, after months without a food processor, I realised just how much time I had been wasting on chopping everything by hand.

Grating food

Cheese is the first thing that comes to mind. I buy the blocks of cheese, that are usually cheaper, and then spend about 20-30 seconds grating the entire block into a *Kliplock box. This keeps it fresh and means it is so handy when I want to add cheese to sandwiches, salads or top pizzas. I also love grating foods for my salads that are prepared in advance.

Midnight cookies recipe

Preparing cookie dough

We love a cookie here! I like to pour in the ingredients for midnight cookies, Christmas cookiesoat biscuits or gingerbread and the dough, or mix is ready in under a minute. This is fantastic, saves my arthritic hands and is a great way to enjoy a treat in next to no time!

Whipping up sauces

The list here is really endless, however, some of my favourite sauces to whip up in our food processor would be a pasta sauce, pesto, salsa and mayonnaise. Salsa takes literally seconds and is great for busy lunchtimes. I love that I can throw fresh ingredients into the food processor and have something homemade in seconds.

Bolognese pasta bake

Making breadcrumbs

I love to turn old bread into croutons, as this is really simple and avoids food waste. Also, when we want to make breadcrumbs, for coating meat, or topping bolognese pasta bake, it only takes a few seconds to pop some croutons in the food processor and make breadcrumbs.

These are just some of the great uses for your food processor and I’m absolutely loving having a food processor again. It has sped up my time in the kitchen and also it means I’m not left in pain after cooking from all the chopping and processing.

This is our new food processor

We’ve been using the Morphy Richards Prepstar. It comes with a whole host of great accessories allowing you to chop, mix, shred, slice, grate, make dough or blend ingredients in just seconds! It took me 10 seconds to mix together biscuit dough! 

Morphy Richards Prepstar

I personally love how compact this is. ALL of the small attachments you need fits inside this part, and then you can put the larger attachments on top. Then you put the lid on, push the motor through and that’s it. The whole thing is together, in just the footprint of the food processor. Being so compact makes this a real winner for me. It convinced me to donate my old food processor to a family member, and get space back in my cupboard.

When I wanted to make my oat biscuits recently I just popped all of the ingredients inside the food processor:

My biscuit ingredients in the Morphy Richards Prepstar

This is what it looked like 10 seconds later:

Biscuit mix made with the Morphy Richards Prepstar

The finished biscuits were pretty nice!

Homemade oat biscuits

I love that this food processor is so compact. Also, because the bowl is plastic it is easy to clean and I can use a rubber spatula in it, to avoid waste. So far I’m a BIG fan! The only downside I can think of is the little grooves inside the bowl. This is to help the attachments sit inside well but it also means you have to scrape the bowl quite a bit, and little bits stick to it. Apart from that, I’m loving how compact it is!

I know there are a LOT of my recipes that can be adapted for use with the food processor. These are some of the ones that come to mind:

Pizza dough

Tortilla dough

Pasta sauce

Homemade pasta

Cheese scones

Beef hotpot

Spicy parsnip soup

Banana bread

Midnight cookies

Individual flapjacks

Chocolate ripple cheesecake

Dairy free fruit pancakes

Lemon poppyseed muffins

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  1. Georgie October 2, 2018 / 2:41 pm

    This has made me realise I really should use ours more. I only ever use it for breadcrumbs. Going to try the pizza dough in it I think. Does it rise like it would in a breadmaker?

    • katykicker October 4, 2018 / 5:41 pm

      You can make the dough, and let it rise, then mould it into shape, and let it rise again x

  2. katykicker October 25, 2018 / 12:29 pm

    They are great to use in the kitchen!

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