Using disinfectant around my home (AD)

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AD. I first started using disinfectant around my home when I was pregnant with my daughter back in 2015. So many people seem to be using Zoflora now, partly because of a number of influencers who recommend it in their Instastories and on their feeds. I love that Zoflora is increasing in popularity as they bring out lots of lovely scents regularly and I can go on a hunt in the supermarket to find my favourites. Also, I love that disinfectant is really reasonably priced, compared to other branded cleaning products. A little goes a long way and today I want to talk to you about the ways that I use disinfectant around my home. Also, if you’re reading this because you’re looking for gentler ways to clean then be sure to check out my quick way to clean a microwave – in just 2 minutes!

Staying healthy is important to me and I have found that antibacterial sprays and disinfectants are great at helping with this. I make sure not to overuse them but if I have an area of my home that needs to be free of germs, such as the bathroom or kitchen sink, then I find disinfectant fantastic for this.

Using disinfectant around my home

What I’m using disinfectant around my home for

In my kitchen and bathroom I have small *spray bottles. I add disinfectant, and water to dilute (according to the instructions on the bottle) so I have the product on hand to use. It is really convenient having these bottles nearby as I can just spray my taps, sink or bath when I’m in the bathroom and leave it to work for 5-10 minutes before wiping any residue away.

In the kitchen I use this to disinfect my worktops, my tabletop and when cleaning my bin. I also use it to wipe over my cupboard fronts and handles to ensure that they stay clean and hygienic. In between, I use a spray, such as Method, to keep my home looking clean.

In my home, I also like to use this solution to disinfect door handles and my *pedal bin. When guests have been I will wipe over the light switches and door handles, to try and keep my home free of new germs.

I’ve used Zoflora disinfectant to clean my floors after people have visited and kept their shoes on. Also, I sometimes pour half a capful onto the pad for my steam mop. I never pour it into the mop, as it is flammable. By drizzling a little on the steam mop pad I am able to release a wonderful scent into my home. My steam mop is suitable for use on carpets too but I like to stick to a carpet cleaning company for bigger jobs like this, just to ensure my home is kept looking good.

I’ve found using disinfectant around my home is very straightforward. I have a spray solution already prepared. This means I can wipe over plug sockets, light switches and door handles in just seconds.

I still use antibacterial spray and other products, such as bleach in my toilet bowl. I have found that disinfectant has been a great addition to my cleaning army. My home looks and feels fresh and the different Zoflora scents are lovely. My favourite scent is the Lemon Zing at the moment – I have bought a few bottles so I don’t have to worry about running out!

Keeping my home smelling and being fresh is just one of the ways that I run my Thrifty Home!

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(AD) I love using disinfectant around my home. Find out what I'm cleaning with disinfectant

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  1. Lisa October 6, 2015 / 10:20 pm

    We use Zoflora when cleaning out the guinea pigs, its animal friendly too 🙂

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