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Preparing for a Vampirina party with new Vampirina Toys (AD)

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AD. Daisy has been a fan of Vampirina toys for most of 2018. We were fortunate to be gifted some toys earlier this year, and the Bootastic Backpack has become one of Daisy’s favourite ever toys. Now Daisy has a whole selection of new Vampirina toys to try, and we will be reviewing some of them in this post. Also, later in the month, we are going to take part in a Vampirina toys party which we will be sharing on Twitter – I can hardly wait! Daisy has been testing some of the new Vampirina toys – and loving them!

Vampirina Toys

As you can see there are lots of fantastic Vampirina Toys and we’re going to be sharing some of them with Daisy’s cousins while hosting a party at home. See the end of this blog post for more details on the Twitter party. 

A look at the newest Vampirina toys

These are some of the new Vampirina Toys that we were most excited about! The Scare B&B is definitely the winner for us, as it is huge and there are so many ways to entertain little ones with it!

Vampirina Toys Scare B&B

Here you can see the Scare B&B in all its glory! It retails for £49.99 and is a must-have for any Vampirina fan! Daisy has been playing with it for the last week and she must have racked up 20+ hours of playtime already. Which is quite astonishing! 

Vampirina Scare B&B

I love the detailing of the Scare B&B. There are so many accessories that you fit onto the B&B when you first unbox it. You add on stairs, a door, railings, bats and there is even furniture for the inside too. If I’m being picky I’d just want to say that the door drives me slightly mad, and Daisy too. It’s really hard to shut on properly, and Daisy is a stickler for detail. She’s only got small arms so struggles to reach around to close it from the back. This means that I am asked to close the door 87,000 times a day. But that is the only negative I can find about the Scare B&B!

The ground floor of the Vampirina Scare B&B

There was a huge sheet of stickers, and this really did help the Scare B&B come to life for us. I love the rugs and the other details such as the placemats on the dining table and the stickers that go inside the fridge and bookcase. The attention to detail is fantastic and these little features are what really brings the B&B to life and helps Daisy’s imagination too.

A closer look at the Vampirina Toys Scare B&B

Inside the detailing is fantastic and the furniture is great quality, really sturdy and able to withstand rough play from my little Daisy Blue!

Poppy in the Vampirina Scare B&B

With the Scare B&B you receive two figures, Poppy & Vampirina. Daisy loves both of these characters already but she has a real soft spot for Poppy. I’m glad that Poppy is able to dance around, and I love that the record player moves from side to side too, as you make the characters dance. The knob to control the dancing is perfect for little hands, and big too, meaning we can have hours of fun playing together.

Vampirina Inside the Scare B&B

One of the highlights of the Scare B&B, for Daisy, is that Vampirina has her own ‘bed’. It’s really a coffin of course but Daisy doesn’t know any different. I think this is part of what makes Vampirina Toys ideal even for smaller children. They are just great fun characters, bright & colourful, and with a suitability spanning several years.

You can see here that Vampirina has a hole on the bottom of her foot. There are various points around the Scare B&B for you to place Vampirina. Then you simply press down on her and she lights up for 10 seconds. This is especially fun when she is hanging upside down from the ceiling!

Vampirina Toys - Scare B&B Staircase

One of the details that I particularly loved was the Vampirina stairs! These have great attention to detail and they fold upwards to the next floor as well. Daisy has been moving these SO much and they haven’t come loose or got stuck at all. The accessories all work really well in the Scare B&B and this just adds to the hours of fun that Daisy has been having. These stairs are great fun for standing Vampirina & Poppy on and then launching them into the house!

Vampirina Toys Figurines

Daisy is FIGURE OBSESSED! I’m not kidding. We have an entire box of figurines from all different TV shows and so the Vampirina Fangtastic Friends Set, retailing at £34.99, is ideal. The figurines have poseable arms and 4 of them are compatible with the Glow Chamber from the Glowtastic Friends Set, which is great for fans. (Each sold separately).

I love that the figurines in the set are mostly different to the individually boxed Vampirina Best Ghoul Friends Set or Vampirina Spooky Scooter Set as this avoids us having lots of doubles.

Get ready for back to school with Vampirina

Daisy already has a real love for Vampirina, and in particular, she loves the Vampirina Bootastic Backpack Set. This retails for £24.99 and is worth every penny. It’s sturdy, strong and comes with LOTS of great accessories. Daisy has been playing with hers for several months already and the necklace is a particular favourite. I love that it is safe, and comes apart if she catches herself while wearing it. Daisy loves the glasses in particular. She now refers to herself as Elton while wearing them – which is totally my fault! 

As you can see Daisy has a Poppy figure, complete with scooter and Wolfie. This is one of her most played with figurines ever, and Daisy has had hours of fun from this little set alone – which retails for £11.99.

Get ready for back to school with Vampirina - Vampirina Spooky Scooter Set

I absolutely love this scooter – mostly because Poppy is wearing a helmet! This has helped me to explain bike and scooter safety to Daisy recently, ready for our upcoming holiday. Also, Wolfie clicks onto the back of the scooter and stays in place. I don’t have to keep re-attaching him every few seconds which is fantastic!

Where can you buy these fantastic Vampirina Toys?

You can find a whole host of fantastic Vampirina Toys over on the Smyths Toys website, from Disney or you can buy Vampirina Toys on Amazon.

*Bootastic Backpack / *Vampirina House / *Poppy Scooter Set / *Vampirina

Why not join me for the Vampirina Twitter Party?

Vampirina Invitations

You are invited to join me for the Vampirina Twitter party where you WIN Vampirina Toys for your own little ones! On the 25th of October, from 1-3pm, there is a great party running over on the UKMums.TV Twitter page. I will be hosting a party, at home, at the same time, and sharing some of the activities we complete with you. I’m looking forward to making Vampirina headbands, playing with toys and sharing goodie bags with my nieces and nephews – and Daisy of course! I’d love to see you there, and if you join in there will be on the spot prizes to be won!

You can see me unboxing the Vampirina Bootastic Backpack and Scooter Set here:

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Kim Carberry

Tuesday 9th of October 2018

What a great range of toys! A few years ago my girls would have loved these but they're a bit too old for them now. I love the look of the the Scare B&B. I can see why Daisy likes it x


Thursday 18th of October 2018

Daisy has been playing with it SO much lately!

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