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Vintage engagement rings – classic and oh so very beautiful! (AD)

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Paid for advertorial. I am already married, as my regular readers will know. Since having my lovely daughter, Daisy, I have found that my wedding and engagement rings no longer fit me! I went into the jewellers, to enquire about having my rings made smaller, only to find that because my bridal set has quite a few diamonds that it may be difficult to resize. I absolutely love the look of vintage engagement rings.

Vintage engagement rings

Vintage engagement rings

I’ve been told that I would need to send my rings away, for an estimate, and then I would be informed if they would be able to resize them successfully as well as ringing me with the price. Nobody really likes surprises, not least when it comes to a sentimental item, but I figured that I really had nothing to lose by sending them off, for a quote at least.

While making the decision about whether or not to send my rings away I have been looking around. I have had a look at new engagement ring/wedding band sets. I didn’t like the idea of the diamonds falling out of my bridal set. Especially after spending money to have them resized. I have been looking at vintage engagement rings. This is mostly a ‘what if’ sort of look for me, as I love the rings that I was married with, however, I was amazed at some of the rings on the Berganza website.

If you are a fan of vintage engagement rings then you will absolutely adore the ones that Berganza have! Whether you are a fan of diamonds, or rubies and emeralds, they have something to suit all ladies. As well as stunning vintage engagement rings they also have a lovely amount of pieces for other special occasions.

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Tuesday 19th of July 2016

I am fortunate to have a few pieces of vintage jewellery, I do like buying good quality items so this website sounds great! xo


Monday 11th of July 2016

I like vintage stuff so having the rings might fit in to my taste. The antique marquise diamond cluster is gorgeous pick. :)

Ickle Pickle

Monday 11th of July 2016

I have never owned a piece of vintage jewellery - this site sounds really good. Kaz x

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