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Vinted review and top tips for selling on Vinted

Affiliate links in this post will be clearly marked with a *. Clicking one of these links means I earn a discount or receive payment.

For a whole year I put off selling on Vinted. I think I joined up, made an account, then decided I’d rather keep just dropping items off to the charity shop as I was overwhelmed with home schooling and family life. Then I decided to learn how to sell on Vinted, and now I want to share with you my top tips for selling on Vinted.

I visited my local charity shop a couple of months ago for the first time in around 18 months and found that they were selling baby outfits, vests and sleepsuits for 5, or sometimes even 10 items for £1 as they have been inundated with stock.

While this is great for new parents who want to save some money it feels a little bit of a shame when many of the items I’m donating have been worn once or twice, and are definitely worth more than 10p or 20p!

I decided I would give Vinted a go myself, not to resell items as re-sellers aren’t allowed on Vinted, but to sell items that my new baby daughter has outgrown and see if I could make some money, experiment a little and share some Vinted selling tips here too.

In this post I’m aiming to answer a lot of questions I’ve been asked over on my Instagram, and help you learn how to sell more on Vinted, and sell it fast too (hopefully!). If you’ve got something else you’d like me to cover just drop me a message on Instagram and I’ll try my best to help!

If you don’t want to read the reason for all of my top tips then be sure to scroll near the end of this post to see a condensed list of tips!

Getting started selling on Vinted

Sign up and create your profile!

Sign up to *sell on Vinted (Get £5.00 when a friend lists their first 3 items and £10.00 when they sell using your referral link. This is mine so thanks if you use it!).

Create your profile. Add a little ‘about you’. I kept mine short and sweet, as most of the text is hidden by a ‘see more’ button anyway. I’ve got a brief overview of who I am, what I’m listing and when I post items.

A look at my Vinted profile with bio text

I don’t think you need to put huge essays on your profile to make sales, but if you’re listing specific types of items, such as plus size dresses or 0-3 month baby clothes, it won’t hurt to list this on your profile.

If people are interested specifically in those items, or find you by searching for something specific, they can then follow your profile to be notified of future listings/track your account easily.

Add your location. I’ve gone for hiding my town, as I don’t offer local collection or anything anyway so this isn’t relevant to listing in my opinion.

Check your settings

Run through the different settings. You’ll see that you can add further details about yourself, link social media accounts, set the different postage options you’ll offer. I have Royal Mail turned off, as I don’t want to queue in my local post office. This means the other options are Hermes home delivery, Hermes Parcelshop and UPS. You can’t turn off UPS but you can turn off all other options.

Add your payment options if you’re going to be making any purchases on site and add your bank account now to speed up the withdrawal process once you make sales.

Select discounts for bundles, if you want to. I have this option on and almost every single sale I’ve made has been a bundle of 3 or more listings. Typically I offer a 10% discount on 2 listings bundled, 15% discount on 3 listings bundled and 20% discount on 5 listings bundled. I’ve not changed this since I set my account up, and it seems to be working well. You can set discounts from 5% to 50% in 5% increments.

Vinted discount for bundles example

You can set your account to holiday mode if you’re going to be away from home, or unavailable to post items. This will pause all of your listings.

Be aware of the privacy settings

Be sure to check the privacy settings out too. There are a few interesting options you may want to be aware of before listing items, or using Vinted, such as “Allow Vinted to use my pictures for marketing purposes” and “Notify owners when I favourite their items”. I have turned off the marketing purposes option as I don’t want my images to be used in this way. Although I don’t think they’re good enough quality anyway I won’t kid myself!

Vinted: your questions answered…

How does Vinted work?

Vinted is a selling app and website. Download the app/visit the website, make a profile, list your items for sale and wait for the sales to trickle in. You list your item for your price, then the buyer pays for postage and insurance. Best of all there are no Vinted selling fees in the UK!

You sell your item, print the postage off at home, attach it to your parcel and take it to the post office, local Hermes drop off or whichever other postage method you use. That’s it.

Wait for the item to be delivered, once the tracking has confirmed the item has been received/delivered, and two more days have passed to allow buyers to raise a claim for any damages/not as described items, then the price paid for your listing is transferred to your Vinted balance. Simple as that!

Vinted allows buyers to find smaller, lower priced goods and build bundles. Buyers can pay for buyer protection. Vinted also allows sellers to sell items safe in the knowledge that the fees will be received. It’s a bit of a win, win in my opinion!

1 x £20 note, 3 x £10 notes and text overlay that says great offers to make and save money in the UK

How much does Vinted take? Is selling on Vinted really free? How does Vinted make money?

Vinted charge ZERO selling fees. ZERO. Listing is free. There are no fees from the money you list your item for. If something sells for £4 + postage you receive £4 once it is delivered.

Vinted make money from the buyer protection fees and I assume, but haven’t checked, that they make commission on the postage sales too as I know Hermes offers commission, as they appear on TopCashBack.

How to get paid on Vinted?

Once your buyer receives their item they have 2 days to let you/Vinted know about any issues. If they confirm all is fine, or 2 days passes, the funds are released to your Vinted balance. From there you can use this balance to make purchases on Vinted OR you can withdraw it to a bank account. This can take up to 5 working days apparently, although it’s been faster for me.

How does postage/shipping work on Vinted? Can you sell on Vinted without a printer?

You can BUT it is a hassle. You’ll need to set custom shipping options for all of your listings, instead of just weighing and selecting the relevant postage option on the Vinted website.

How the postage works is you receive a link with a downloadable label once a sale is made. Package your item, attach this label (I just print mine on A4 paper and use parcel tape to secure it to the bag) and then take it to the Parcelshop, Post Office etc.

Potatoes, tomatoes, celery and broccoli in a bowl with text overlay that says 50 moneysaving tips that really work!

Is Vinted worth it?

Yes, I’d say so! I’ve made over £60 from items that I would otherwise have just given away locally. I am able to use some of the money to donate to charity, and I know that this way someone else is getting a bargain, perhaps someone really in need of saving some money right now, and the local charity shop gets more money this way, as they are not selling 10 items for £1, I’m selling 10 items for £10+ and then spending some money on treats in my local shop, and increasing my direct debit donation too!

If you have little ones that are always rapidly outgrowing sizes, and don’t want to keep the items or pass on to friends or family, then you could have a fairly regular trickle of sales coming in.

I’m listing items as Aurora outgrows them, and have also cleared out some of the maternity clothes, and unused items from my c-section hospital bag, for a few £s too!

I’ve seen people talking about Vinted as a side hustle. Re-selling is not allowed on Vinted, so unless you’ve got children, or are changing body weight quickly, I can’t see how you can rely on this for a regular source of income. It is a great way to make a few extra pounds having a clear out, but I wouldn’t call it a side hustle as such for me! More a way to clear up some wardrobe and drawer space for my babies next size of clothing.

Is Vinted better than eBay?

So far I’m enjoying it much more. I find the listing process really straight forward, especially as I’m just listing clothes in a similar size at one time.

I’ve had NO issues so far. No one has claimed items haven’t arrived. No one has somehow scammed me or withdrawn their payment to me back to their account.

I love that there are no fees either. I can just list, package up, leave it and not worry about it for weeks. I won’t receive a surprise bill on the 15th of the month like I sometimes do with eBay!

A hand holding an iPhone displaying the Plum finance app with pockets of money; £0 Primary Pocket, £12.56 House Appliances, £109.91 House Purchase Fees

Do things sell on Vinted?

Yes! At the beginning it was VERY slow, and I wondered if I had just completely wasted 3 hours of my life listing items. However, I then started to make sales, got some 5* reviews and since then things seem to be selling much faster.

I have some people who follow me now, and a couple of times I’ve made sales within just 24 hours of uploading items.

I’d suggest listing, and then sitting back and waiting for a few weeks, before deciding if your items are well priced/going to sell.

How do I see what I’m selling on Vinted?

Visit your profile! There you can see all your listings, including all of your sold listings. It shows your current listings first and then your sold items at the end.

A notebook and pens with text overlay that says how to prepare a budget

How to sell more on Vinted? How to sell fast on Vinted?

For me personally I’m listing like sizes/colours in little bundles, and making sure to have a clear out of the whole last size of clothing that my baby has outgrown. This way I have lots of similar sized items, and there is more of a chance that people will want to create a bundle using my listings.

I have a LOT of items listed for just £1. Initially I felt like this wasn’t even going to be worth my time packaging, walking to the post office etc, however, most people make small bundles of 4+ listings, and so it HAS been worthwhile for me.

My experience selling on Vinted:

In June I spent around 3 hours listing around 50 listings. I had individual outfits, for £1.00 – £1.50 each. I then listed bundles of first size, premature and newborn vests and sleepsuits.

Bundles varied from 5 vests to 33 sleepsuits and I sold them, I think, for very reasonable prices. The highest individual bundle sold was around £4.00.

An example of a bundle being sold on Vinted

I feel that the prices need to be more reasonable than eBay, because people are also paying postage and a buyer protection fee (as detailed above).

When I listed items I made one sale, on the 1st of June, and then nothing. Nada. I persevered with listing more items as Aurora outgrew them and then 10 days later I made another sale.

How much have I made so far?

A look at my Vinted balanced in July 2021 detailing sales and the amounts items sold for, plus the dates

Sales started to trickle in and during June I made 8 sales, for a total of £29.60. All of these sales were bundles. Some were vest and sleep suit bundles with individually listed outfits added on, and other sales were just bundles of individual outfits.

As I listed most listings at £1 the amount of money I made was low, however I want to clear the items out to make space for the next size, and I bought most items preloved to start with.

A look at my Vinted listings

In July, as of the 10th of July, I’ve made £30.72 from 7 sales. These are 5 bundles and 2 ‘single’ sales.

One sale was a maternity dress I’d just tried on and not worn, and one sale was some school supplies (polo shirts) that were brand new but I’d accidentally labelled them before realising I’d ordered the wrong size.

This means so far I’ve made £60.32. I spent around £185 on preloved clothes for Aurora before she was born, and so I’m already well on the way to making back the money I spent! I still have 0-3M, 3-6M and some 6-9M clothing that I bought within that spend too!

Sales seem to be improving for me now I’m a little more established on Vinted. I’m not sure if this is coincidence. I’ve not advertised my account anywhere and I’ve gained 13 followers so far. Several of those followers have made purchases already.

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I’ve had some items in July that have sold in less than 24 hours. I’ve also had some items sell that I listed at the start of June, so it CAN be a slow burner!

I’m finding selling on Vinted really simple. I photograph my items in batches, create the listings in batches and then I just place all the items on a little trolley I have in my office until the sales come in.

I’m packaging sales in these *grey mailing bags as they are really strong, and I’ve had no complaints at all. All of my reviews so far are 5 stars. These mailing bags work out at 13p each, which is well worth it to ensure someone’s purchase arrives safe and undamaged. The average sale price I’m receiving is just over £4, so it feels worth it to me.

Tips for buying on Vinted text overlay

Is it worth it to bump items on Vinted?

I bumped two listings, at a cost of 95p for 3 days per listing, and I DID sell those items eventually. However, it wasn’t within the bump period. I DID gain new followers and lots of favourites on the items, so I don’t know if the person who purchased was someone who saw it while it was bumped.

Here is a little look at two listings I bumped:

An example of a Vinted bumped listing
A look at the impressions for a bumped Vinted bundle

Is Vinted Spotlight worth it?

There is a spotlight feature, where for £6.95 you can have your items promoted in the feeds of others, to help you find new followers and reach more potential buyers. I’ve bought a few items that were on the promoted section of the feed, so I would say that this works!

I’ve been keeping notes of what has and hasn’t worked for me, and while this is just based on my own opinion and experience using Vinted I hope it’ll help someone else make some sales!

Overall thoughts:

Vinted has been the best app for selling clothes that I’ve used. It is simple to use, there are no fees for listing items, and the buyer pays the postage and all other fees. I love that I just print the postage, package the item and can drop it to my local shop. This is helping a local business who earn a small fee, and it is super convenient for me too.

Is selling on Vinted worth it?

I feel that selling on Vinted has been quite successful for me, once I gave it a few weeks at the beginning. I’m now making an effort to list items that I may have otherwise just put in the clothes recycling bin. As I’m making a nice amount of money for the items I’ve been able to increase my monthly direct debit to a local charity I support, and the Vinted sales will pay towards that.

What I love about Vinted as well is that you can just list items, store them safely and then wait for sales to trickle in. It IS a bit of a faff having to weigh items for bundles BUT I find that just about everyone who creates a bundle will sell them. Especially if I offer to let them reserve items for a few days if they need to.

A hand holding a mobile phone which displays the Airtime Rewards app and shows a £2.00 current balance and £1.34 pending from Papa Johns spending

Tips for selling on Vinted:

Check postage carefully!

I had to send one item at my own cost, as I make a mistake on the postage. This meant a delay to the seller of one day by the time I realised as I didn’t have time to sort new postage as I was rushing out the door for the school run and appointments.

Most listings are a medium for me, and Hermes seems to be the ONLY option that anyone has used. I’ve not had anyone ask to use UPS yet, which is great as I would like to turn that option off but it won’t allow me too.

Message people who favourite your items

What I did was sent little offers, where I reduced prices by 25p or 50p. You can’t do this if the listing is £1, which is the lowest you can list items for, so perhaps consider listing cheaper items at £1.25 or £1.50, to allow you to send offers over.

I also sent messages, where appropriate, to let people know that I was listing more items in the coming days. As I’m just listing Aurora’s clothes as she outgrows a size it means I have lots of items in the same size, which is great for sellers to create bundles.

Stash seasonal items until the appropriate time

You WILL make sales of Christmas items all year, as people like me like to get organised early, but your best bet would be to put items up until the appropriate time. I’ve got some Christmas items put up that I found recently, and I’ll list those in October time. Many more people will be looking for seasonal items just before the appropriate time, such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween and even swimwear for the summer too.

Photography matters (sometimes!)

I have intentionally tried out a number of different methods. I’ve had listings which looked like a jumble sale, with a pile of sleepsuits thrown together, and then I’ve had listings where I rolled items and made them look nice.

I’ve listed crumpled dresses, and dresses where I’ve steamed them, for the same prices, and there doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to what sells to be honest.

One thing that I DID find helpful was editing photos in Canva where I’d put together multiple items. On Vinted what happens is listings can have multiple pictures, up to 20 if you want to be really detailed, however it is only the first picture which shows in the feed.

By having a piece of text over the photo, with details of the listing (for example 4 jumpers) I found that these listings suddenly went from being ignored for a month was selling within 1 to 3 days. I think it was probably because when people were looking to see if they could make a bundle they would then have their eye drawn to these listings. Many of which were already pretty reasonably priced.

The first image seems to be the one that really matters, however when selling clothes on Vinted I am making sure to include photographs of any imperfections, any cute detailing such as buttons or embroidery, and the label inside the item to show accurate details of the sizing.

Photo example for Vinted

Views don’t seem to matter…

I had quite a few listings sell with as little as 5-15 views, and then I have had items with 100+ views without a single favourite that suddenly sold weeks later. When I first started I found that items barely had 1 view in a week or two, but now I’ve got some reviews, a few followers and have made some sales I seem to be getting more views quickly after listing new items.

All it takes is ONE person to see your item, who wants it, and if the price is right a sale is made. I personally price my items really low, as I’m just happy to make a few £s and see them go off to a good home. I do feel like people want a bargain on Vinted.

Have a little patience

As documented above some listings sold after weeks, and some within 24 hours. I would say to set yourself a time frame for items to sell, and if they haven’t sold then consider removing 25p – 50p off the price. I found that this was a good way to get a sale, however, I also found that just leaving listings running, while continually adding new ones, lead to sales too.

£20, £10, £10, £10 notes laid out in a fan position with text that says How I've made £3000 just for shopping online!

Clear out your wardrobe in stages

Whether you’re clearing out your own wardrobe, or selling clothing your children have outgrown, be sure to list like items and similar sizes at the same time. A LOT of buyers on Vinted are looking to make bundles, to get the most out of their postage and fees, so you have the chance to make multiple sales to one person.

List items and draft them

For me, to save time and effort on packaging sales, I want to sell as many bundles as possible. This means less packaging time and less trips to the post office/shops. It also means I can clear out the now outgrown size of baby clothes super quickly, as my daughter is growing like a weed at the moment I swear!

List items as drafts on Vinted

More listings at one time means more chances of people wanting to make a bundle or even just seeing your listings. What I did, mostly because I am always short on time with a new baby, was to draft a few listings at a time, and then I set them all live in one go, about 30 of them.

Iron/steam items

This CAN help, with dresses and larger items, but it doesn’t seem to impact the sale of baby clothing much. I’ve tested both ironed and unironed items and bundles seem to sell the same regardless.

Having a nicely ironed first photo on your listing may make a difference, so it can’t hurt to try!

Don’t forget to check eBay!

Don’t overlook eBay when it comes to selling items. You MAY find that items sell for more money on eBay, however, you’re likely to have more competition there too.

If you have some items, that perhaps have just been worn once or are even unworn, then it may be worth looking on eBay first. Ladies plus size clothing in particular seems to go quite well on both eBay and Vinted, so make sure to compare some prices.

There you have it – my tips for selling on Vinted. Hopefully you’ve found them interesting, and if you’ve got any questions do be sure to message me on my Instagram!

Pulled pork, chicken kebabs, grilled ham and cheese and pizza bagels cooked in the Ninja air fryer.

Do your research

Unlike selling on eBay there is no auction or bidding, so the price is what you set it at. Make sure to research the value of your items.

You can look at sold listings on eBay and Vinted past sales to get an idea of what you can expect your item to sell for.

If you have items that are brand new with tags then be sure to see if they’re still sold on the website before pricing accordingly.

Turn on notifications

If you’re using the Vinted app make sure you have notifications turned on. That way you’ll be notified if someone sends a message, makes an offer or favourites an item. You can respond promptly, hopefully while they’re still using the Vinted app or website – and hopefully bag yourself a sale!

A pile of £10 and £20 notes. There is text at the top which states 10+ great money saving challenges

All my favourite tips for selling on Vinted:

  • Check your settings on your profile
  • Optimise your profile
  • Be aware of your privacy settings
  • Check postage options carefully
  • Make offers to people who favourite your items
  • Stash seasonal items until the appropriate time
  • Take nice photographs
  • Don’t sweat it about the number of views you get
  • Be patient
  • Clear out your wardrobe in stages
  • List items and then draft them until you have them all ready to post
  • Iron/steam items
  • Don’t forget to check eBay
  • Do your research
  • Turn on notifications

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Tips for selling on Vinted

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Saturday 24th of September 2022

OH MY GOD! Cannot believe it, sold a high priced game, buyer reported arrived broken. They sent picture and it showed plastic box cracked, back of game only snapped in bits, back of box unbroken and front cover and booklet that was in front of game in perfect condition. I asked for a photo of the front of the game to prove it was same game broken and that they had not replaced with a cheap game and they refused, and vinted gave them the money back straight away.


Tuesday 25th of October 2022

My gosh that is awful! There really are some terrible people around going to those lengths to scam!


Monday 27th of June 2022

Wow this is awesome, I used vinted once and didn't know how to do postage took me ages to just get it. But this step by step guide is great. Do the buyers tell you what they will pay for p&p? I'm going to start listing fingers crossed x


Monday 27th of June 2022

Thanks so much, so glad it's helpful!

No, most of the postage options you just select small, medium, large etc (based on the weight and dimensions it displays when you're listing) and that sets the postage price automatically. For postage such as Royal Mail you'll have to measure and weigh the item and then add the postage cost yourself to the listing manually. Hope that helps!


Wednesday 22nd of June 2022

Thank you for your tips


Thursday 23rd of June 2022

You're so welcome, thanks for commenting! x


Tuesday 19th of April 2022

Thank you so Much for all that Information, I am new to vinted, like you I’ve put off for so long but decided to give it a go last week. I’ve actually sold 3 items already but a lot of the info you’ve covered was really helpful,I hadn’t realised I had not said anything on my profile,I didn’t know I had delivery options,taking my home town of, also how it works once I’ve posted something. So thank you. Maggie.


Tuesday 19th of April 2022

I'm so pleased to hear that Maggie, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a nice comment, that's really appreciated!

Claire Cassidy

Thursday 6th of January 2022

Great to read your review on Vinted. I have just started using it and have run into a wall. I got a free bump and used it. But all my sale items now have bump below them instead of buy now. This means I have received messages saying that customers are unable to buy. I have not idea of how to reset this and the help desk doesnt have an answer. Any advise for me to get up and running again. Thank you C.C.


Thursday 6th of January 2022

Hiya Claire! What a pain for you! I've had the odd weird glitch too. The only thing I can think to suggest is to remove the listings and re-post them. I think there may be an option to relist once you remove, but I would suggest checking that first by just testing one, to save you some time and effort it that doesn't quite work out either! Failing that I could re-list everything I'm afraid!

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