Our Water Babies Chapter 3 Review (AD – Review)

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We received a discount on our swimming lessons in exchange for coverage. My regular readers will know that Daisy and I love Water Babies. We have taken part in an underwater photoshoot and we have now completed chapter 3. Chapter 3 has been a bit of a mixed bag for us. Not because of the quality of Water Babies but because we have missed almost HALF of the lessons. We had two holidays and we had several bouts of illness. Hand, foot & mouth, tonsillitis and more. Boo! Anyway, here is my Water Babies Chapter 3 review.

Water Babies Chapter 3 - Daisy learning to swim

Look how relaxed Daisy has become during Water Babies Chapter 3!

Our swimming lessons in Harlow have been great fun. We have been in a small class, although this is going to change for Chapter 4 as we are moving swimming pools.

Water Babies Chapter 3 - Daisy looking super relaxed in the water

As you can see Daisy is really laid back.

What skills have we learned during Water Babies Chapter 3?

This chapter we have really advanced our skills. We have kept practicing older skills but Daisy has learned lots.

  • Swim around in a circle holding on to my arm
  • Hold on to the edge of the pool without me holding her
  • Swim through a hoop underwater (we learned this in Chapter 2 but the distance increased)
  • Dive in from a float, go underwater, come back up and hold on
  • Practiced ‘tiger arms’ to learn how to swim using arms in the future
  • Increased our confidence underwater

It is always lovely to learn new skills – especially as Daisy is only 1! I love seeing her learn something new, best of all we take lots of time together to practice regularly. We’ve been on two holidays during this Chapter and we swam almost every single day.

Here is a little snippet of what Daisy looks like underwater now:

Water Babies Chapter 3 - Daisy is so happy under the water

As you can see she LOVES it. I’ve got at least 10 videos and photos from our March holiday of her looking like this! She’s the happiest little soul and being underwater is so much fun to her. She is so relaxed and Water Babies Chapter 3 has really helped with this.

As well as Daisy’s confidence increasing so has my own. I feel more relaxed around water now and I am not worried if Daisy accidentally goes under the water briefly. Obviously Daisy has learned the ‘Name, Ready, Go’ cue that Water Babies use really well so this helps. Daisy is now happy to hold her breath as she enters the water and it is really rare for her to swallow water.

We will be moving to a different swimming pool for Chapter 4, which we start on Saturday. I will miss Debbie, our old instructor, but I’m looking forward to working with Helen too. I’ve met Helen before and she runs the Water Babies Facebook page for my local area. I enjoy following this page as they share funny memes, quotes and interesting videos too.

What was the best part of Water Babies Chapter 3?

For me it would have to be watching Daisy underwater. I love that Water Babies encourage parents to get involved by wearing goggles. It is lovely to see my daughter underwater and see just how much she is really enjoying it.

Also, since buy an underwater camera I’ve been able to capture some great photos and videos of Daisy underwater. I don’t take this to my Water Babies lessons, as I don’t want to film other people accidentally, but this is great fun. We use it for visiting our local pool and also for swimming on holiday at Centerparcs.

What am I looking forward to about Chapter 4?

Firstly I’m excited to try a new pool, and meet new people. Daisy is a really sociable baby and she loves to meet new babies. I’m sure she will love it. Also, I’m excited as I’ve already peeked ahead to Chapter 4 in our Water Babies book! One thing I am REALLY looking forward to is Daisy swimming from the teacher to me… BY HERSELF. At one. Mad! 

The Water Babies experience has been a great one for us so far. Sadly we’ve had to move to a different class time / swimming pool, but I’m confident that we will still receive the great treatment we have so far.

You can find out more about Water Babies here.

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(AD) Our Water Babies Chapter 3 review. Daisy underwater after her swimming lesson and loving it!

We received our lessons at a discounted rate in exchange for this review. All opinions are our own.

3 Responses

  1. katykicker May 11, 2017 / 7:18 pm

    Nothing wrong with starting it later – you are still doing your best for your little girl 🙂 xx

  2. The DADventurer (Dave) June 19, 2018 / 7:03 pm

    Sounds like it’s going well! I’ve been doing Water Babies with L since she was a baby – currently on Chapter 12 and it’s one of the best classes we’ve done. Not quite sure what I’m going to do when she starts school in Sept and we have to stop our Thursday classes!

    • katykicker June 28, 2018 / 11:05 am

      You could always move to Saturday or something if you still have chapters left?

      Daisy did 7 chapters in total then we had to stop as couldn’t make the days/times work for us.

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