Water Babies swimwear review

Daisy and I have been attending Water Babies swimming lessons – and loving them! Recently we were offered the chance to review some items from the Water Babies swimwear range.

Daisy has been absolutely loving her Water Babies swimming lessons in Harlow. We have been really enjoying the classes, so far, and I feel that Daisy is already benefiting from the lessons. She is nice and confident in the swimming pool and when on holiday she was really happy to spend more than two hours in the pirate playground water park – mostly because of her Water Babies swimwear I think!

The pool that we use for our swimming lessons in Harlow is around 31-32 degrees at the moment, this is quite a nice comfortable temperature and it doesn’t feel cold at all. However, after around 20-25 minutes of the 30 minute lesson Daisy begins to get a little bit cranky, or she did until we started using the Water Babies Happy Nappy and Water Babies baby wrap.

Water Babies swimwear - a review of the wetsuit and happy nappy Daisy is wearing

Putting these two items on Daisy only takes around a minute. The Water Babies Happy Nappy is a little tight to fit on Daisy but this is ideal as it means that if her swim nappy fails in the water that the Happy Nappy will be on hand to keep any mess inside and ensure that we aren’t the family that allow their baby to do a pooh in the pool! Nobody wants to have to cancel swimming lessons because of a pooh escapee and the Happy Nappy works really well. We’ve been using it since the first lesson and have had no issues at all. The Water Babies Baby Wrap is really easy to fit. It has lots of velcro so I can adjust it to fit Daisy, also, because of the velcro you can get a LOT of use out of one. For example the one that Daisy is currently wearing is suitable from 6 months – 18 months meaning we will get a LOT of use out of it.

Daisy feels lovely and warm when we are in the pool together and besides a little grizzle, because her teeth are hurting, she definitely seems to be enjoying being in the swimming pool even more. I feel that the baby wrap in particular is a fantastic product as it is so fast to fit and Daisy is lovely and warm when wearing it.

So far I’ve been really impressed with the Water Babies swimwear. It is a little more expensive than just buying a standard swimming costume, however, you get what you pay for. The quality is fantastic, the happy nappy keeps all the mess contained within the swim nappy and the baby wrap keeps Daisy warm – which is ideal. I love that we can go swimming through the winter months and we can walk around on holiday in Centerparcs and the baby wrap keeps her lovely and warm.

The Water Babies swimwear can be purchased on their website. You can find the Water Babies Happy Nappy for £8.99 and the Water Babies baby wrap for £21.99.

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  1. James Hopes October 19, 2016 / 4:55 pm

    We love Water Babies – have been going just over 2 years now! They do some good swimwear stuff too.

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