Ways to better manage your finances (AD)

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AD. Money makes the World go round hey. So they say. It is true really. If you want to live a nice retirement you’ll need money. If you want to travel you’ll need money. You’ll need money for most things in life. Not necessarily the best things – like love, but you’ll need it all the same. There are a number of Ways to better manage your finances. Some of them are obvious but I’m going to chat about them with you today anyway!

Ways to better manage your finances

Ways to better manage your finances – Make more money

One of the ways to better manage your finances is to make more money. This might seem obvious, and sounds harder than it really is. You could look for a new job, you could work more hours or you could look at ways to make money on the internet. I’ve got a ton of ways that I make money, as my regular readers will know. I love turning my hand to a little bit of everything. Diversifying my income has worked really well for me and means that if one income stream is a little lean one month that I don’t need to worry. I can still pay my bills. As long as it is legal I’ll give anything a try once!

Ways to better manage your finances – Manage your money better

When you find yourself with some spare money you want to make sure you are managing it better. You should be looking into wealth management. Having your money managed on your behalf, by someone knowledgeable, is a great way to boost your future income. Whether you want to save for a pension or make investments to grow your money you should consider an independent financial advisor.

Ways to better manage your finances – Make your money go further

Another way to better manage your finances is to look after the money that you have. Avoid overspending. Cut back on waste. There are a number of ways that you can do this. Firstly, check out the Love Food Hate Waste website. Then look at ways that you can love your leftovers. Here are a few great examples:

Put your vegetable scraps to good use and make stock.

Take the #StillGood decluttering challenge

Managing your money is something that you should look at from a number of angles. Make sure your money is working harder, earn more and make sure you are investing it wisely.

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  1. katykicker March 7, 2017 / 10:58 am

    We are having lots of omelettes for lunch now and I’ve been freezing individual portions of food too for a ‘pot luck’ style dinner.

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