Ways to inject more fun into your wedding (AD)

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AD. I realise that might sound like a little bit of a controversial title. However, hear me out… Weddings, in their entirety are quite serious affairs. People are getting married, of course. This means that there are legal documents, there are witnesses, there are vows to repeat and much more. At specific times of day there are speeches, there are gifts and often so much more. Attending a wedding is a joyous event, as two people are being joined together – hopefully for life. But let’s face it – at times it can be dull. The wedding reception is where the main excitement really happens for the guests. Once the ceremony is over and the legalities are taken care of the fun can really begin. Here are some additional ways to inject more fun into your wedding.

Ways to inject more fun into your wedding

Ways to inject more fun into your wedding – A sweetie table

Adults and children alike will love this. A sweetie table is just one of the great ways to inject more fun into your wedding. You can purchase classic sweeties, perhaps those available when the bride and groom were born, from A Quarter Of. They offer bulk buy discounts and their range is vast. One of the best I’ve seen. You can find cute containers online or even in your local Poundland. You don’t need to break the budget. Best of all at the end of the night you can allow guests to take home any leftovers sweets. Everyone likes to leave a wedding with a pretty centrepiece or a nice wedding favour and who doesn’t like sweets?!

Ways to inject more fun into your wedding – A photo booth

If you are getting married then it is only natural you’ll want lots of wonderful photographs. When I am looking through old photographs I absolutely adore looking at our wedding. Nothing makes me happier than seeing me with my wonderful husband. While we aren’t in touch with everybody from our wedding party now we had a wonderful day and have great memories. If you want to ramp up the fun appeal of your photographs then look for a photo booth to hire. You and your guests can take wonderful fun photographs using great props. The effort involved is minimal and even if your guests have a few too many drinks you’re going to get some brilliant photographs. These sort of photos are great for sharing on social media too.

Ways to inject more fun into your wedding – A bouncy castle

This is brilliant for children firstly. Beyond that this is amazing for those first photographs as a bride and groom. Once the serious formal shots are out of the way you can take to the bouncy castle (minus the heels of course) and have a great time. You can get some wonderful fun shots and the children will be entertained throughout the day, and maybe the evening too! 

These are just a few suggestions of ways to inject more fun into your wedding. Of course your wedding is your own choice. If you want a formal day then go right ahead. If you want to give your guests a nice blast of fun at your reception then why not try some of the ideas above. There are 1000s of ways that you can personalise your own wedding to make it stand out from the crowd. Whatever you end up doing you’ll hopefully have the best day of your life.

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    Wow that sounds so lovely! I bet it was a beautiful location.

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