We have a new dog!

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I don’t post too many personal posts here, which I want to change really. My lovely husband has wanted a dog for our entire relationship. 12 long years of waiting. Finally, we have moved into our new house, got settled and it is finally time to get a dog! I’m so happy and we have rescued a street dog from Bulgaria. Her name is Jazzie at the moment but we will be changing her name because our cat is called Jasmine, also known as Jazz-fizzle, Jazz-linda, Jazz and Jazz-mia! We have settled on Jessie, as it’s similar to Jazzie, and because we are all big fans of Toy Stoy in our house! This post contains some gifted items that we have been kindly sent ready for our new addition. This will all be marked with #.

Tom & Jessie sitting in our garden
They’re best friends already!

Why have we rescued a dog from Bulgaria?

Since sharing on my Instagram that we would be rescuing a dog from Bulgaria I’ve been asked this a fair few times. I say… why not?!

We tried LOTS of UK rescues but unfortunately because we have a 3-year-old nobody seemed to want to entertain us. This is despite me working-from-home and even taking mostly UK holidays where a dog could join us. It’s sad, but we found roadblocks everywhere we turned. We were going to finally admit defeat and purchase a puppy but then a friend’s friend on Facebook mentioned Street Hearts Bulgaria. Street Hearts is a neutering programme and dog rescue in Bulgaria. We had a browse of their website and then got in touch to see if we might be eligible to adopt a dog – and we were!

Fast forward through a video chat, lots of WhatsApp messages and we got to see Jazzie, as she’s currently known! I had a really good feeling about her right away, even more so when I learned that she had been abandoned and was living with a lovely foster lady and other cats and dogs. As we have 1 cat I feel confident that she is going to fit in well here.

I have been really nervous about getting a dog, and her fitting into our family, but also we are just going into it with an open mind. We’ve got lots of free time to dedicate to long walks, training and enrichment, so I hope a dog will fit into our family really well. We’ve got lots of great treats, toys and food ready for Jessie, but she will be starting on a diet of chicken and rice before we move her onto food to find the right one for her and us.

What have we bought to prepare for Jessie?

We’ve made a number of purchases including a slip lead, soft bed, blankets, car harness and toys, to get ready for Jessie to join us. Also, we’ve been sent some lovely goodies from some great pet companies, which I want to show you.

Food & treats for Jessie!

I’ve read through a copy of #The Tailchaser Times and it had a really informative article about overcoming feeding issues with a rescue dog. It was written by a Burns nutritionist and really helped me to feel comfortable about one of the issues that we may face. Burns have a great sounding puppy club but Jessie is a little too old for this, as she is around 3 years old.

Burns have also been kind enough to send Jessie a huge sack of #original chicken & brown rice. These #chicken & brown rice training treats look great! I’m looking forward to spending time with Jessie on training and have already researched a local class to take her too.

Grooming is an important part of new pet ownership, and I hope it will help to increase bonding and trust between us and the new dog. Mikki has sent us a #soft pin slicker and #smooth & stroke mitt for short/medium coats that are going to be perfect for Jessie’s hair type. Hopefully, gentle grooming will help her feel comfortable around us, and look after her too of course.

While I am at home most of the day, almost every day, I know there will be some times where I have to pop out, for shopping or the Nursery run where Jessie won’t be able to come with me. For these times, and general enrichment, we’ve got her some toys. We’ve bought some tennis balls, and a ball thrower already, and now we’ve got these goodies too. Nylabone have sent an #extreme chew toy, which is described as being extra durable and safer than a real stick. They’ve also sent a #Nylabone easy chew which looks like it’ll be great if Jessie likes a chew toy! Hopefully she likes chewing toys and not my furniture!

Some treats for Jessie!

A #Maxglow large glow in the dark ball will be ideal for the 5:00 am walk before Thomas goes to work on day shifts. #Breathe Right fetch ball. Also, this Mikki #sensitive shampoo will be great for after all of our long walks across the fields near our house. I’m hoping to give Jessie these #Hi Life pouches as a little treat once her stomach has settled from her long journey from Bulgaria!

We are looking forward to taking Jessie on holiday with us twice this year and on lots of family days out too. I’m really grateful that I work from home and have lots of time to look after a new dog and make this addition to our family home. I’m sure Jessie is going to fit in great and I’ll be sharing more about her in the coming months!

Jessie has been with us for only a couple of days so far. She has been mostly well behaved, just a few issues with jumping up, but I hope training classes will help me learn the skills to help her stop this. It’s very early days but so far things are going much better than I anticipated – which can only be a good thing! We are going into dog ownership with an open mind about the effort ahead to get Jessie used to living with our family and we are really enjoying all of the family walks so far.

Unfortunately, just after writing this post we had some big issues with the dog and Daisy and so it was agreed with the rescue that the dog would go back. We are really sad but it is what it is! Better to be safe in our home than to have a dog right now.