Get your life back and avoid joint pain with the WellWrap (AD)

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AD. Back in 2015, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I began to suffer from problems in my knee. This was despite losing weight during my pregnancy and staying active. Eventually, I was diagnosed with bursitis and finally arthritis. This means that I regularly suffer from twinges and pains in my knee joint. I’ve been using painkillers, and I have had physiotherapy, but I am always interested in learning about new problems that might be able to help me, without taking strong pain-killers throughout the day.

WellWrap - Say Goodbye to dangerous addictions

The WellWrap is a brand new product that is going to be launching later this year. I want to share some details about it with you today and you can signup for their launch on the WellWrap website right now. As the product is expected to launch next month, and signing up gets you a discount of up to 40% it is a fantastic reason to pop over now and leave your name and email address for a discount code.

The WellWrap is a wearable on-the-go Orthopaedic wrap that provides joint pain relief using embedded NASA LLLT technology. It helps to relieve musculoskeletal pain naturally and increases ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production. LLLT offers no side effects, increases circulation, decreases inflammation and helps to relieve your pain naturally. Best of all no painkillers are required!

WellWrap - Vital Monitoring

Daily treatments, of just 7 minutes, are all that is required to start to see the benefits of using the WellWrap. 1-2 treatments often provide relief to users and also you can use the WellWrap to care for loved ones and give yourself peace of mind in the process. As the WellWrap offers a capture of vital signs, including temperature and blood pressure. This is fantastic for monitoring longer-term health and also for having the data to hand should you require it for medical purposes.

WellWrap Vital Observation

The Wellwrap offers immediate pain relief at home, with no medication required and you can feel results from the first use. While the WellWrap is brand new, so not much is known about it, quite a few people have already had the opportunity to try one out for yourself. They have shared their thoughts in a video which you can see here:

Find out more about how the WellWrap technology works here:

Want to learn more about the WellWrap?

Head on over to the WellWrap website now where you can signup to receive information as soon as the WellWrap has launched. Also, on a first come first served basis, there will be discounts of up to 40% available for early adopters of this technology.

Personally, I would love to try a product like the WellWrap. At present, when my knee is having a flare up, I tend to end up taking painkillers. This can be for several days at a time and I worry about the long-term effect of taking so many medications. I love the idea of something that you can use at home, for just a few minutes, and to hopefully help me feel back to full strength in next to no time.

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