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What to consider when setting up a home office (AD)

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I work from home. As such I need a little space where I can work each day, and be motivated. Today I want to talk to you not only about my own workspace but what to consider when setting up a home office.

Organisation is one of the most important things but I think that there are several other factors to consider in having the perfect home office environment.

My home office


For me lighting is one of the most important considerations. I have a colour changing bulb from Amazon, where I can change the brightness, and have just about any colour that I can ever imagine!

This is great for changing up the feel of the space throughout the day on long days.

I also use photography style lighting for the darker times when I am working but want to take brighter photographs.

Choose a comfortable chair

I’ve updated my chair recently, and now have a nice gaming chair.

This is SO comfortable for my back, and helps my posture too on the rare occasions I have to sit at my desk for hours on end with two daughters needing me.

Daisy sitting on a chair at Willow's Farm

Have nice storage

I always have lots of items that I need to store on my desk. I like to have nice storage, items that look pretty but are functional too. Being able to tidy the clutter away is really important to me.

Also, I like to have pens and other stationery items to hand. I also keep a nice pile of notebooks to hand. This helps me keep organised and stay focused when I am working.

For me I don’t need a big amount of items to do my job well. A notepad and pen, my Macbook and a few other bits keep me going. A printer is a must have for me, as I organise my home, office space and also send lots of parcels during the course of my work.

Thermal printers:

A thermal shipping label printer, such as the Munbyn ITPP941 is a great choice. Thermal printers don’t require ink and you can just print your own labels at home without going to the post office!

A thermal printer using heat to transfer ink pigments to shipping labels, among other things. These printers do not need ANY ink, or toner, which is a fantastic cost saving. You use thermal paper to create images, just about anything that your heart desires! You can use folded labels, instead of rolls, and feed them directly into the printer.

This particular printer from Munbyn offers high-speed printing, works with 15 shipping platforms, automatically recognises labels and looks cute too!

Thermal Label set up

To set it up you just turn on the printer, press the feed button and hold, then release when you hear the sound. The printer will automatically calibrate to the label size.

You just open the front of the printer using the cover button, install the label paper with the holders on both sides, finish the installation, close the cover and it’s all ready to go!

These are just some of my favourite things to consider when setting up a home office. I love being organised, having everything that I need to hand in one space and being able to be productive in my space, and then ‘leave’ work for the day when I go back to my family, and enjoying the rest of my home.

Rhubarb and pineapple crumble
Rhubarb and pineapple crumble
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.