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What to consider when setting up a home office (AD)

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AD. I work from home. As such I need a little space where I can work each day, and be motivated. Today I want to talk to you not only about my own workspace but what to consider when setting up a home office. Organisation is one of the most important things but I think that there are several other factors to consider in having the perfect home office environment.

What to consider when setting up a home office

What to consider when setting up a home office – Lighting

For me lighting is one of the most important considerations. It wasn’t until I received a Needlite that I really thought about lighting my home office space correctly. I used to have one overhead light. Now I have lighting that helps me to concentrate and work more efficiently.

What to consider when setting up a home office – Have a comfortable chair

A chair is really important. I like to use a memory foam cushion on mine. This means if I’m sitting there for a couple of hours, without moving much, that I still feel comfortable. Comfort is really important to me as I find that being uncomfortable makes me lose focus and be less like to concentrate.

What to consider when setting up a home office – Have nice storage

I always have lots of items that I need to store on my desk. I like to have nice storage, items that look pretty but are functional too. Being able to tidy the clutter away is really important to me. Also, I like to have pens and other stationery items to hand. I also keep a nice pile of notebooks to hand. This helps me keep organised and stay focused when I am working.

What to consider when setting up a home office – Choose the right design

At present my space doesn’t have much of a design to it. I just make the most of what I have. I’d love to use an office interior design service from Office Principles when I finally have my own home office space. For me I’d love to have a space that is bright, airy, and stylish too. Lots of clean lines and plenty of places to tuck away all my parcels and paperwork would be fantastic!

What to consider when setting up a home office – Have the right equipment

For me I don’t need a big amount of items to do my job well. A notepad and pen, my Macbook and a few other bits keep me going. A printer, with the right ink cartridges, is another must-have for me – especially at tax return time! I love to be organised by keeping a #kickerlist which is my own form of a to-do list.

My home office is actually just an area in my living room. This works well for me, and I make the most of it. We don’t have any spare rooms at the moment, and we live in a small flat. By keeping the space tidy, and organised, I am able to make the most of it. Also, there is somewhere to dump piles or washing and unopened parcels in the evenings!

When we move house, in around 18-24 months, I’m hoping to have either a home office or a bigger area that is set aside just for my office space. I’m looking forward to it already! Just got to keep saving now to buy that dream home!

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