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What to pack for nursery

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Sending your child off to nursery for the first time is a really daunting time as a parent. There are so many things to think about, especially if your child has illnesses or allergies. Like mine does. When it came time to get ready for Daisy to head off to nursery I didn’t know what to pack for nursery.

I started to do some research and quickly condensed my checklist down to the essentials. Well, I say quickly… really I mean after 2-3 weeks of my daughter attending nursery.

What to pack for nursery

What to pack for nursery

Change of clothes (Two ideally!)

Bottles / Cups

Nappies, wipes & nappy cream

Prescription medication (that your child will be taking while at nursery)



Sun cream

That’s about it! Honestly. Not much at all.

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When we send Daisy off to nursery I always make sure that I have a little rucksack packed with her supplies. This fits everything she needs, with a little bit of a room leftover.

I should add that Daisy started nursery when she was 16 months old. This probably meant that we need a lot less stuff than if she was a baby still.

Knowing what to pack for nursery was a little bit daunting for me, and the first few weeks I packed far more items than she would need. However, since then I’ve been able to condense the packing down.

The main thing I would say about knowing what to pack for nursery is if you want to overpack that is fine. The nursery aren’t going to mind at all. I mean don’t rock up with a suitcase or anything but a small rucksack filled to the brim will be fine. 

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If you’re going to overpack then I would suggest overpacking clothes! Daisy always ends up filthy when she goes to nursery, covered in food, sand, playdoh and all other items. However, I see this as a sign that she’s had great fun and I don’t mind at all!

Most of the time your nursery will allow you to keep additional items on site for your child. We leave prescription formula, nappies and wipes at our nursery for Daisy. They let us know when items are running low and I bring in more on our next visit.

Just a little note – if your child has prescription items then these will need to have the dispensing label from the pharmacy on. This allows the staff to know the correct dosage and ensure that the items are not out of date.

Always check with your nursery what their policy on prescription items is before you enrol your child. For example our nursery asks that your child doesn’t attend for their first two days on antibiotics.

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