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Become a WhatUsersDo tester

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WhatUsersDo is a fantastic company that pays you to test online or interactive content for their clients. Examples of items they pay to test include websites and mobile applications.

In the last year I have been a WhatUsersDo tester sporadically at times. I had a problem with Java, which prevented me from testing, but recently I have got back into it now. My best ever month saw me earn nearly £100 but I am already well on track to have a fantastic May!

To become a WhatUsersDo tester you will need a broadband connection and a PC, Netbook or Mac. Browsers you can use include IE7 and above, Firefox 2 and above, Safari or Google Chrome (PC Version only). You can also sign up to be a mobile tester. You’ll need an iPhone or iPad for this.

WhatUsersDo tester payments are £8 for laptop/PC based tests and £15 for mobile/tablet ones. Payments are made on the 25th of the month via Paypal. If you earned £8 in May you would receive the payment by the 25th of June. If there is a bank holiday coming up that the payments usually come a few days early. This is great and really appreciated at Christmas time!

The tests are very straight forward and there is usually a very clear set of instructions. Most tests take between 5-15 minutes and you are paid £8-15, which is absolutely fantastic. You will be required to use a microphone to record your thoughts. A screen recorder will broadcast back to WhatUsersDo what is on your computer, tablet or phone screen.

As long as you stick to thinking out loud and follow the task instructions there is no reason for your test to be rejected. I personally have never had one not be paid.

I really enjoy being a WhatUsersDo tester and find the tests interesting. I like getting to look at new apps and websites. I also like knowing that my opinion genuinely counts and is valued.

Become a WhatUsersDo tester

If you are interested in joining WhatUsersDo please click *here and earn me £2 when you complete your first test. Also, if you fancy earning money online from other websites then check out my list of my favourite ways to make and save money.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.