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Around six months I wrote a post here about being a WhatUsersDo tester. WhatUsersDo testers are paid to test online or interactive content. If you are an English speaker you are allowed to sign up as a WhatUsersDo tester. Testers are paid £5 tests performed on mobile, tablet and computer based devices.

You will require a broadband connection, a computer (PC, Netbook, Macbook or Laptop), with IE7 and above, Firefox 2 and above, Safari 3 and above or Google Chrome (The PC version).

Payments are currently made on the 25th of the month, via Paypal, for the previous month. For example anything earned in May would be paid by the 25th of June.

Personally I find that the tests are very straightforward. To complete the test you just open your email invitation, start the test, run your microphone and allow a screen recorder to start. The screen recorder will record everything on your screen and the microphone is for you to record your spoken thoughts while completing the test.

You will have a list of test questions to work through and these are usually straightforward and self-explanatory.

This is a fantastic website, in my opinion, although I have had a bit of a lull in the tests recently. I’m not entirely sure why this happened but I think it could be because I missed a few invitations. I also had a Java update problem so it meant I started a test and then had to cancel it. I was marked down as failing to complete the test.

I’m quite an opinionated person. It is lovely to be paid such a nice amount of money to provide my opinion. The majority of the tests take from 10-15 minutes to complete, some even less. I am yet to find a test that is too complicated to complete.

Since my last update I don’t have much more to add. I have recently completed my first paid mobile test and will be paid for this next month. I had to download a piece of mirroring software for them to see what was on the screen of my iphone. This worked fine and my test was rated as ‘great’ so I must have done something right!

Do you want to become a WhatUsersDo tester?

If you would like to become a WhatUsersDo tester you can do so by clicking *here.

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