Why I love minimalism – and wish I could achieve it more at home!

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Being a Mum to a 2-year-old means that my home inevitably looks like it is in various stages of a hurricane, or maybe the clean-up after a hurricane. There is a regular stream of toys, food, drink, and household items dotted around my home during the day. This is absolutely fine with me, as I’m so grateful to be a parent, but there are definitely times where I long for minimalism in my home, at least beyond my bedroom. I love minimalism and feel that it brings real calm to my bedroom, so today I want to share how I’m achieving this – at least in one room of my home!

The bedroom of my dreams

I love minimalism – at least in my bedroom!

Our bedroom has gradually become a very minimalist area. We have achieved this in a number of ways:

  • Decluttering. We have discarded excess clothes, board games, and ornaments.
  • Being tidy. Our bedroom is kept tidy. The items that we do have are mostly kept inside of a chest of drawers and a bedside cabinet.
  • Keeping it clean. For me, this is a big part of it. Once per day I pop in, make sure the bed is tidy. Then a couple of times a week I dust the surfaces and clean the mirrored furniture. This keeps it looking light, bright and clean.
  • Open the windows. Letting it fresh air really helps out home smell lovely and feel clean and relaxing. This is part of minimalism for me as I want my home to have a lovely fresh smell, without using overpowering chemicals and cleaners too frequently.
  • Have beautiful furnishings. Not having much in my bedroom means I feel better buying luxurious bedding, having a kingsize bed and having lovely soft pillows and cushions. I’m happy to spend more money on beautiful furnishings and lovely accessories that make me feel better about my home and improve its appearance too.

One of my favourite things about minimalism is I can still have soft furnishings, lovely bedding like a set from Julian Charles, mirrored furniture and a space to store my most used items. Minimalism for me isn’t about having nothing at all, but about cutting down on the items we keep and seeing stricter with cleaning and organisation. By having fewer items I spend less time cleaning and organising which is fantastic, and allows me to keep the messier parts of my home under control a little!

At the end of a long day, our bedroom is our sanctuary. As we’re in a one bedroom flat we are sharing it with our daughter but by keeping it minimalist we can all focus on getting a good nights sleep. Daisy has just one area in the room where soft toys hang and the rest of her toys live in another room. This avoids mess and clutter but also avoids distractions when we are completing Daisy’s bedtime routine.

I’ve loved sharing #MyInteriorStyling with you and hope that I’ve given you some minimalism inspiration.

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