YourWord Surveys are closing – What you need to know

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In the past I have wrote about YourWord surveys. Now I’ve had news that YourWord surveys are going to be closing their doors later this year. Obviously it is a disappointing time when a survey site shuts. However, in recent years some websites have disappeared without a backwards glance. Having prior notice gives us all a chance to earn a few more vouchers and ensure that we reach cash out before they disappear.

YourWord Surveys are closing - find out more

Why are YourWord surveys closing?

There hasn’t be a huge amount of information released. Presumably they are just not particularly profitable anymore.

When is YourWord surveys closing?

YourWord surveys and YourWord Rewards will cease to exist from midnight on the 31st of March 2017.

What happens to my balance?

Ideally you’ll want to get your balance up to the first cash out threshold. With cash out levels being just £5 for an Amazon voucher. As surveys pay for disqualifications, it really shouldn’t be difficult to cash out before they close.

What happens if my balance is below £5? 

You have until 11:45pm on March 31st 2017 to redeem rewards. They arrive within a few minutes so that should be fine – although why you’d want to cut it fine I don’t know! 

Also, you can email the address below and they will top you account up to £5. This allows you to receive an Amazon voucher, or other voucher. You’ll then have one week to redeem your voucher. Then your account will be closed at the end of this one week period.

What happens to my personal information?

All information will either be deleted or made anonymous as close as possible after the closing of the website.

How can I contact YourWord Surveys about my account balance?

You can email with any additional questions you may have.

It is a shame that YourWord Surveys are closing. They provided pretty short snappy surveys. Also, I love a survey company that pays you for disqualifications. You are never going to get rich from such websites but every little helps. If you’re looking for other ways to make money online you’ll love my favourite ways to make and save money.

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Yourword surveys are closing!

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