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I quite like surveys, despite their relatively low pay for the most part. This is mostly because they can be done easily alongside other work that I have regularly.

I can be on the telephone and working my way through surveys at the same time. This helps me maximise the money that I earn, without having to worry too much about making mistakes.

Surveys are mostly very simple and just require that you require questions and answer them. Sometimes there are hidden test questions but these are mostly fine as long as you are actually reading the questions!

I think I’ve been caught out just 2 or 3 times with test questions, mostly because of skimming and not seeing a hidden part at the end.

I am often looking for new survey companies and recently I wrote about MintVine. I’ve now received 2 cashouts from them and I’ve also had payment from YourWord Surveys.

Cashout from YourWord Surveys

The minimum cashout from YourWord Surveys is just £5. At present the cashouts are as follows:

£5 – Amazon, M&S, Firebox, New Look & Argos

£10 – Argos, Firebox, iTunes, M&S, New Look & Zalando

£25 – Argos, Champneys Health Resorts, H.Samuel & Ernest Jones

So far I have redeemed for Amazon and Argos. The Amazon was e-vouchers and the Argos were sent to me in the form of online links via email. I then opened the link and showed the cashier my gift voucher instore, they had no problem typing the code in and redeeming against the items that I was purchasing.

Both my Argos and Amazon vouchers were received basically instantly and I was able to head to Argos and use my first lot of vouchers the same day. You can use more than one voucher per transaction which was ideal as both times I redeemed for £5 + £25 Argos.

My experience of YourWord Surveys

Mostly the surveys are quite low paying, usually around 50p-£1, however I find that I get disqualified from a lot of them. This is because I’ve seen them elsewhere but I still earn 5 points (5p) just for clicking through. I accumulated my first £5 cashout quickly because of this, and with very minimal time/effort.

The first survey that I qualified for was actually one that led to a focus group & so was the third survey that I completed.

Both of these focus groups paid £30 of YourWord rewards and I received the points within just 48 hours of the completion of both of these focus groups.

You can join YourWord Surveys by clicking here.

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