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Since having our daughter my husband and I have been trying to make our home even more homely. We have been buying lots of personalised pieces over the last few months. We have a lovely handprint from Centerparcs, personalised Christmas tree ornaments, canvases, photo collages and more. When the fantastic people at Zippi contacted us, to pick a couple of little items, we wanted to choose something traditional and something a bit different.

Zippi Christmas snowglobe in action - A look at the snowglobe once it has been shaken up

Zippi - Christmas snowglobe - Daisy and Santa!

The first item that I chose was this lovely Christmas snowglobe. Our daughter will soon be enjoying her first Christmas and it is going to be lovely to have this to enjoy for years to come. I love how you can shake this up and then slowly but surely my lovely little girl, and Santa, emerge! I love the detailing alone the bottom too – it is very cute.

Zippi - Dragon Ball Z phone case - My husband will love this!

This is a bit of an unusual gift! My husband is a big fan of Dragon Ball Z and I know that he wanted a mobile phone case. His previous case had seen better days so I figured why not get him something a little unique. I had actually looked at cases on Amazon but unfortunately they were more expensive. Also, they were shipping from the US so they would not have made it in time for Christmas. With this case I was able to choose the design, and the style of the case.

The Zippi ordering process

This was really straight forward. The website was simple to use and I loved that I could see a preview of the items before I ordered them. I was able to check out in a matter of minutes and everything went smoothly. I received an order confirmation email that showed me the items that I had ordered, complete with my images. This was a great touch and made me feel confident that I had ordered everything correctly.

My delivery from Zippi

I was really pleased with this part of the process. Firstly I received a despatch email, which was hilarious worded, and then my delivery was prompt. I had chose the standard UK Delivery so my parcel came via Royal Mail. This was prompt and convenient for me. Also, Royal Mail never dump parcels on my doorstep so that was great too!

Overall I was really pleased with the Zippi website. The website was simple to use, great fun and my items were exactly as I ordered. The quality was fantastic and the process were really reasonable too.

*We received a gift voucher to order the items in this post, however, all opinions are our own.

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