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Lemon poppyseed muffins

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When preparing lemons for a *Nutribullet drink recently I started thinking about uses for the lemon peel. I decided to zest it and freeze it, for use in future recipes. Then this got me thinking about lemon recipes that I had been meaning to try and before I knew it I was whipping up a batch of these lemon poppyseed muffins. Scroll down for the recipe to try them yourself.

Lemon poppyseed muffins

lemon poppyseed muffins

Course Dessert
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 22 minutes
Total Time 27 minutes
Servings 12 muffins


  • 210 g self-raising flour
  • 155 g golden caster sugar
  • zest of 2 lemons
  • 1 tablespoon of poppy seeds toasted
  • 3 eggs
  • 90 g natural yoghurt
  • 160 g butter melted and cooled

For the lemon poppyseed muffin icing:

  • 200 g butter
  • 350 g sifted icing sugar
  • Juice of 1 lemon You can substitute for a small amount of water if you don't want lemon icing


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180C (gas mark 4). 

  2. Prepare a 12 hole muffin tray and line with muffin cases.

  3. Mix together the flour, sugar, lemon zest and toasted poppy seeds in a large mixing bowl. I toasted my poppy seeds in a griddle pan for just a few minutes first.

  4. Beat the eggs into the yoghurt, one at a time. 

  5. Tip this mixture into the dry ingredients. Then add this to the melted and cooled butter. Mix this together until lump-free but do not overmix. You want the mixture to be free of lumps but not stodgy.

  6. Bake the muffins for around 18-22 minutes. The lemon and poppyseed muffins are cooked when a cake tester comes out clean.
  7. The cakes may have a slightly pale colour to them. They will be cooked perfectly when they have a nice spring to them.

  8. Leave the cakes in the muffin tray to cool for at least 5 minutes. Then transfer to a wire cooling rack.

Method for lemon poppyseed muffin icing:

  1. Beat the butter, until softened. Slowly add the icing sugar and lemon juice. 

  2. Add 2-3 tablespoons of icing sugar at a time and a drizzle of the lemon juice. Beat this icing by hand, using a metal whisk. 

  3. If you want to make the icing a deeper yellow you could add icing colour. Use sparingly as it often darkens once dry.
  4. Once the icing is ready place into a piping bag and chill for several hours.

  5. Pipe icing using the nozzle of your choice. I used a star tip for this finish.

Recipe Notes

These lemon poppyseed muffins go down a treat and best of all they are perfect to be frozen too.

Lemon poppyseed muffins - the muffins before icing

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